Monday, June 15, 2009

Footfalls - 10 months, 1 week and 1 day.

No more slee-slooping for Peabody. He's officially converted to knee-crawling today, or sometimes one knee and one foot. He's been taking one or two "steps" like this for the past few days and was really getting the hang of it yesterday. I knew our days of the belly crawl were numbered but I thought we'd have a week or so left to say goodbye to that phase. Today the house echos with his bumpity bumping around, not thump-slide thump-slide thump-slide. He's adorable, no matter how he gets from point A to point B.

My boy also took his first sip of water out of a cup today. My water cup. He loved it and wanted more, more, more, but he wanted to do it himself after that first time. Then he wanted to put his hands in the cup, so I filled a bin with about an inch of water and let him splash away in it out on the driveway while his sister was out there playing. He really, really loved it so much!

He's also come on very strong in the past 4 days with his fine motor skills and can easily grasp a Cheerio or a veggie puff between his thumb and forefinger and move it quickly and pretty gracefully to his little mouth.

The teeth on each side of his two top front teeth are just about to break through his gums. Soon he won't have his little rabbit-beaver smile - he'll almost look like he has a full set of teeth.

My baby! He's disappearing before my eyes!

OH! But we are still nursing four to five times a day and it's going well for now. We've had some struggles here and there with teething and a poor latch, but we worked it out and are happily still a milky couple. I love nursing in these later months! It's so different from the early months - much more a give and take. I can't WAIT until he can sign or say "milk" and mean Mama's milk. That's really going to make my heart happy, I think.

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