Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleep Training, Day 4

From last night:

Put to bed at 7:00 PM
Cried less than 1 minute.
Slept until 10:20 PM.

Put to bed at 10:40 PM.
Didn't cry.
Slept until 2:50 AM.

Put to bed at 3:15 AM.
Didn't cry.
Slept until 5:45 AM.

(Put self back to sleep at 3:30 AM after 15 seconds or so of crying.)

Put to bed at 6:00 AM.
Didn't cry.
Slept until 8:00 AM.

Put to bed at 10:20 AM.
Cried 20 minutes.
Slept until 11:30 AM.

Put to bed at 2:10 PM.
Still stupid CRYING at 2:30 PM! GEEZ! I thought we were gettin' somewhere!
Oh wait. He stopped.
No he didn't.
Okay, cried 30 minutes.
(Mmmmmmmmmmmmman, I hate this.)


T with Honey said...

That is some great progress. Congrats!

Leigh said...

Oh wow, Peanut (and you) are doing so well!!

Hestermania! said...

holy cow, you are having good success with this. i need to get my butt in gear. my son is 6 1/2 months and he STILL only falls asleep either nursing or on the ergo carrier. with my daughter, i would have NEVER accepted this, but i'm just too TIRED to be firm and now i've created a cuddly monster...! at least it's good to see there's hope if i just stick at it. (once i start, that is.)

Southern Fried Girl said...

OK you are so gonna read this comment and go "surely this insane nutbag thinks I have friggin time to do her damn job and she is WRONG." However, I'm gonna ask anyway. Did you hear about this sleep training from your doc, book, friend, what? I am a mama of a nearly 4 week old and read you faithfully and was just curious where this all came from. I won't be starting or expecting any sort of real sleeping just yet of course but I was just wondering where you got this all from. Would you mind emailing me all the details?

Could I be more of a pain? Feel free to flip me off. LOL

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