Friday, April 4, 2008

22 weeks!

It still sorta blows me away that we're even in the double digits of this pregnancy, and is at times incomprehensible that the first of the two digits is already a TWO, even despite the fact that weeks 6-18 were so long and difficult. Everyone told me this one would fly by, and it has so far. There are two very dear friends of mine I still haven't even told I'm pregnant! I need to tell them SOON or they are going to get Peanut's birth announcements before they find out I'm expecting. I know the time will fly by even faster as spring and summer arrive and we get busier and more active during the days.

We went out shopping, all FOUR of us, this weekend, and bought our little baby boy many more cute clothes. It's nice this time, knowing more about what you REALLY need for a tiny baby, and what to stay away from, like things that button up the BACK. My only concern is that so many things have FEET, and I remember that Bean's tiny newborn feet and legs constantly came OUT of the feet in her outfits and she'd be all tangled up in no time. But I've had a really hard time finding sleepers that don't have feet. I'll pay very close attention to that when I start looking especially hard for the few little preemie outfits for Peanut's first week or so. Those will definitely not need feet as it'll be so hot, and Al and I would both be completely driven crazy not being able to get to those sweet baby piggies, anyway! Having a big pile of little baby clothes out where I can go look at them and hold them and imagine my baby boy in them is definitely helping me bond with Peanut. It's as if now there's something tangible to hone in on. It sounds shallow, maybe, but it's not the CLOTHES themselves, it's how they help me visualize HIM, here, with us. In my arms, kicking and waving. I also dug out a few little boy things I had for B, including some little Clemson Tiger gear in the perfect size for a special trip we'll hopefully be taking when my little man is three months old! Yay!

On the names front, we are still not 100% sure about Peanut's name. I'd say we're 75% sure, but there is one dear little name that I love that Al would go along with (I don't think he loves it) but that is uncommon and can't be shortened to anything I like and may result in some teasing, though I sortof doubt it. If the child could get through his first 16 years with it, he'd be golden, because it would be seriously cool for an adult male. Seriously cool. I wish it could be MY name. I'm not going to write what we've decided or tell anyone until he's born though, because there has to be SOME element of surprise!

The girl names we were seriously considering were #1 - (And probably what we'd have used for a girl) Lorelai Joy (Rory) and #2 - Catherine Rose (Katie). I also loved Felicity (no nickname) and Camelia (Cami), but Al was not as wild about those last two, and Sophia and Isabella were ones we both loved but never quite connected with for whatever reason. Both of the boy's names have family names for middle names, too. Alex still wants to call the baby Hoppy Feet, and I am secretly hoping his nickname will turn out to be Hoppy. It suits him right now, anyway!

Yes, the boy is quite a mover and a shaker right now. I have already seen him move from the outside now (last night), which only happened with B right before she was born. He makes my belly bounce and wiggle in spots when I'm lying down at night. Al is easily able to feel him move now, too. He moves SO MUCH and with SUCH vigor already, it's amazing!

I'm closing in on some decisions about Peanut's room, too. I think I'd like to use an alphabet theme for him. Pottery Barn has some cute alphabet bedding in primary colors (plus other colors), and I think I'd combine that with apple green gingham/chambray and other apple green accents, then paint the walls a denim-ish blue. We have some great toys and wooden and fabric blocks I can use to decorate the room, and a few nice framed watercolors with bold colors and frames/matting that'd coordinate well. So it IS all coming together well, as I knew it would, at least in my own mind.

We had a quick prenatal visit last Monday, just for a weight check and belly measure and to hear Peanut's little heartbeat. He sounded busy, as usual! I'd gained 4 lbs. since the last visit 5 weeks ago, but I still haven't gained any more weight in a couple of weeks. I'm sitting at 143 right now, and feeling good about it. That's 13 lbs. so far, which is exactly half of what I'd gained with Bean by 39 weeks. I feel like I'm maintaining my shape a bit more than I did with Bean, too. I still have a waist and my thighs and bummy and arms don't seem like they've gotten as pudgy as they did with B, but maybe that will come in the next few months. I'm comfy in my normal jeans still until the very end of the day, usually, when they get somewhat tight at the waist, but I don't have to undo them or anything. I'm also still mostly wearing normal clothes on top, sometimes with my Bella Band to add a little length, sometimes just with longer tank top or untucked t-shirt. Winter clothes are much more forgiving of a belly than spring/summer clothes will be, so I think I'll get to go directly from regular winter clothes into my summery maternity clothes without having to worry about that weird "transitional" wardrobe that kept me up nights worrying when I found out I was pregnant.

For some reason, I enjoy wearing maternity clothes much less this pregnancy than I did last time. Last time I was dying to get into them and felt so cute in them, and this time, on the few occasions I've worn them I've just felt kindof silly and much too conspicuous. Weird.

I think I've gotten a bit more energy back over the past couple of weeks, though it's hard to tell for sure because I've had another cold. I definitely feel better emotionally, though being sick this long does lend itself to a bit of a defeated attitude. I feel much better today, as I did yesterday, and I think if I can just shake this cold and spend some time outside in the sunny, 60 degree weather this weekend, I will really begin to feel like the REAL me again.

And that's all I have for the moment. I'm going now to get the camera and take some 22 week belly shots for the gallery.


Mari said...

Love those belly pictures - you're really starting to pop! You look really cute!

Leigh said...

I am with you on the sleepers with feet. My problem is that Emily has such big feet, they wouldn't fit into the feet on the sleepers. We had to hunt around and try and find ones without them, which, when you are specifically looking for them, can be really hard to find. I am really conscious of that now and even though I don't know if this little girl will be the same, I think I will probably play it safe and find ones without.

And I am so jealous of your cute little bump. Just like last time, I am finding that I am not so much popping out the front, but growing all the way around!!!

Oh and I really want to have Joy as this baby's middle name. It's my mum's name and it fits so well with the first name I like. But James is not so sure as Emily's middle name is after one of my family members, so doing that again doesn't seem fair to his family. It's hard to find common ground sometimes!

Rebekah said...

Sounds like things are moving along nicely. I understand about the sleepers. Any sleeper remotely loose lends itself to entanglements. Gracie always got her little feet out and then tried to shove them through the button part of the sleeper.
Good luck on the search for footless sleepers

linds said...

I bet it is so fun to buy all the cute blue boy clothes! :) Your belly is just getting cuter and cuter, I swear!

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