Monday, May 12, 2008

27 weeks, 3 days - OB Appointment

Quick update on my OB appointment this morning.

I weighed 152 with my clothes on, but I'd just downed a bottle of water, so.

Apparently I failed my one-hour glucose test, so I have to do a three-hour test at the hospital. Yeah, I'm in a HUGE hurry to get THAT set up. Not.

I'm also vaguely anemic, so I'm to go back on iron pills again. I can do that. Maybe I'll feel better.

Al went with me to the appointment and heard me being scolded for not getting enough sleep. Now he understands, I think.

I asked. I just ASKED about being induced so it'd be easier to manage having Nana or someone come stay with Bean. Dr. Howey was 100% amenable and suggested Aug. 5. I'm glad she'll consider it, but I really need to think about whether or not I want to do that. I mean, I know I don't WANT to do it, but would it be worth doing anyway? I'll have to mull it over for awhile. If anyone reading has had experience with induction and/or has thoughts one way or another, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and August 5 is just a few days before my actual due date, but it's the earliest she'd do it. And I went into labor with Bean about a week before my due date. So I don't even know that it'd help my cause all that much.

I told Dr. Howey about my depression and she referred me to a counselor. I doubt I'll go see her (the counselor) though. I suppose if it gets worse, I would consider that as an option. It's nice to have a name. And apparently this counselor works with patients who suffer post partem depression, so she'd probably "get it" better than others might. Dr. Howey seemed to feel I'd do a whole lot better if I would just get enough sleep. Well, okay then, I'll make that a priority. I hope my family will join me in my endeavors.

It was a good weekend - a good Mother's Day. All's well.


Lerin said...

As you may remember, all three of my babies were induced for different reasons. The last two were elective inductions, and I actually much prefer it that way. I don't think I'll ever go into spontaneous labor as long as I have Dr Schmidt willing to induce. I think Bella was induced too early, but just a few days before should be fine. You may feel guilty or get some lectures, but really... it's safe, it's fine. Do what works for you and yours!

Beth said...

Peter was late and his induction led to a C-section. I'm just saying.

Seriously though - If your doctor is on board and will allow you to be induced, it will make the Bean arrangements easier and will probably make Mamma happier knowing that your other baby is happy and well taken care of.

Speaking of Mamma being happy...I hope getting more sleep helps you. Perhaps you could consider getting a baby sitter for a couple of hours every afternoon so you could get regular naps?

Jemma said...

Aw no sorry about the glucose test, finges crossed it's just a blip and you pass the next one. If not at leas they've caught it and can control it so don't worry. You'll feel tons better after the iron tablets too trust me, I'm surprised every time what a differance they make.

On the induction....hmmmm I'm not sure really what advice to offer and not really qulified as I always had the opposite problem ;)

I am always surprised how ready they are to induce "to order" in America, as here in England they don't induce unless there is a good medical reason. The only advice I've ever heard through friends here though is that if you want a natural birth not to go for the induction as apparantly the contractions come much harder and faster and it's very difficult to manage them without an epidural.

Up to you though.....

Jennifer said...

I am not always certain was is meant by induced. My 2nd child was running a bit late and the doctor felt I was "ripe" so he scheduled for me to come to the hospital the next morning and have my water broke. He broke my water at 8:30am and Anna was born minutes after 12 noon. It all went very smoothly. This made it really easy to find some one who would be available to watch Zack also. I have never been "drug" induced so I am not sure if that is more complicated.

BerryBusyMom said...

I was induced with Reece because my blood pressure was beginning to rise, and I had a planned C-section with the girls, because Christa was breech (actually her behind was jammed in my birth canal)...

Anyway, the induction was fine for us. IV with pitocin was given early in the morning, some time later, they broke my waterand by the time I was 4 cm, I asked for an epidural. Reece came at 3:14 that afternoon. I had no complications.

I was glad to have the planned c-section with the girls so that my folks were here to be with Reece.

Good luck with the 3-hr test - UGH I feel your pain - YYEEECKK

Rambling On said...

Megan, There is a test that your doctor (not talked about too much by them) can administer to see if you are a good candidate for induction as the time nears. They basically review body signs to see if you if the induction has a good chance of allowing your body to go into labor. I, myself, was induced and stongly discourage an elected induction only because it leads to greater chances for medical intervention and C-sections. That being said, you have to do the research and determine what works for you and what risks you are willing to take. You are in trusted hands and all will go fine whatever you decide. As for the depression, I agree with the doctor about the sleep thing. Low iron can also cause fatigue and depression so maybe that is adding to it. I think you can probably tell if it is related to an issue that a counselor can help with or if it is a biological issue that requires diet, sleep, supplements, etc. Not much a counselor can do without all those things in place, you know? Anyhoo...glad to see you updating and sorry to hear about that test. Heather and Camu

Melissa said...

Induction experience? I'll let you know next week. :-S I've heard really great stories from people I actually know, and seen horror stories on TV - so, um...I'm not so worried anymore. My "specialist" doc said, "Nothing good happens after 39 weeks. The baby just lays down more fat, but the placenta and water start to disintegrate. It just gets riskier and riskier. And you're not 20." (Um, thanks?) :o)
I spent a little time thinking "am I taking it out of God's hands?" but then I realized that God knows the exact moment that my baby will be born, and if He wants to "prove" something, He can "induce" labor whenever He wants! :o) And also, He's been right in the middle of this pregnancy from before she was conceived -- and He's not going to abandon me now just because I agree with my OB to induce.
If I remember correctly, Bean took a while coming out of the chute, right? Induction will very likely speed up that process without any more pain...especially if they give the epidural near to the time of the pitocin.
...but, again, what do I know? Ask me next week! :o)
And good luck with the sleeping!

Mari said...

I was never induced so I'm no help there. I hope your glucose test goes well. I really hope you sleep well - it does seem to help everything else!

Lerin said...

I've never had a problem with Pampers leaking with Ben. I didn't see any difference between its leak protection for the girls and Ben. I used a couple of packs of Luvs and Huggies that were gifted to me, and he leaked out of both! I took the remaining packs back to Wal-Mart and exchanged for Pampers. :) I can't speak for other moms, but my boy is built very differently than either of the girls, and Pampers still worked better for him than anything else!

Rebekah said...

My first two kids came out quick. We live 30 minutes from the hospital so I was not looking forward to the idea of giving birth in the car with my last two. Plus I worried about getting someone to watch Josh and Caleb at 3am.

I've had 3 inductions and they all went fine. I was much less stressed knowing my kids were being properly cared for by Grandma (who doesn't live close).

I have labored up to delivery and then had an epideral.

I've had the epideral before any labor started and other than heavy "pressure" through delivery, never felt a pain. Fabulous!

I've had an epideral up to delivery and then delivered o-natural. After I finished pushing through one contraction I looked at my Dr and said "I can't believe women still CHOOSE to do it this way"

When you get closer to your due date, the Dr will be able to assess your condition and decide if you need to be induced earlier.

as far as epiderals... I look at it like this. In the old days, teeth were pulled without any novocain. Legs were amputated without and anaesthesia. Why do we still insist on having babies the old fashion way.

But thats just my opinion.

Julie said...

I was induced with Nathan on my due date and that didn't go so great - he ended up an emergency C-section and I was worried/concerned about his up and VERY down heart beat for hours before they decided it was TIME to take him out. I would strongly advise you not to - but that is just because of my experience. SO many ladies have been induced and it works out well for them and their new baby. Your boy will tell your body when he is ready to come out. I used Luvs with both kids. They are made by Pampers and smell kinda nice too. Less expensive. They work good.

Shelli said...

Keep that sugar in check, that might have a bit to do with your depression. I've suffered with mild depression and mild PPD too, and haven't went to the doctor ever over it. The PPD was so hard to beat by myself, I did it without telling anyone till after. Not good. If you have a chance to see a therapist, do it. It's been a tough road back for me and my last kid was born in 2001. All the best, hi to the Peanut!

Karen said...


I was induced with all three because I was overdue with all of them. I haven't ever had experience with anything else - but I enjoyed all three of my induction experiences - they were all with different doctors and all three were very smooth. I don't recall anyone ever being negative about my inductions, but then again, I didn't share that fact with everyone.

The only drawback to induction is that sometimes it takes a little longer for the onset, but honestly? I didn't mind. :)

As for the depression, I feel you Megan. It's something I have battled for the last three years off and on. I have not been to see a counselor, but have thought about it MANY times. I realize that lack of quality sleep is probably one of the number one contributors to depression, but sometimes it's good to have someone to just pour your heart out to. :) Hugs to you.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Sorry about the glucose test... I had to take that. And I had to be induced... my water had broken and 15 hours later my body wasn't going into labor, so they induced me. It took about 6 hours for my body to take it, but when it did, BAMB, baby 2 hours later... went from a 6cm to having a baby in 20 mins! TALK ABOUT FAST. But man I had no idea how much worse the contractions were with being induced.... ouchie

Holly said...

My son was starting promising to be a big baby, so we induced 10 days before my due date. My MIL freaked when we told her, and she insisted I do some research. I did, and all the stories I read were about doom and destruction. But you know what? I trusted my doctor completely, everything was fine, and the boy was *still* just over 9 pounds. I have a different doctor this time around, but would be thrilled to have a scheduled induction come October.

Not to mention it was nice to be able to tell my mom when to schedule her flights. =)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

If at all possible, I'd recommend against induction. To let baby come when he is ready is the best thing. I've just seen too many inductions cause difficult and very long and painful labors, sometimes leading to a c-section! And then in some cases the baby's lungs aren't ready- so if you can wait, that would be best!

I spoke with my doctor about my depression at my last appt. He also reminded me to stay away from sugar and caffeine as much as possible, and get plenty of exercise. I'm working on it!

Wishing you the best!


Lora Lynn said...

It's not commonly discussed in this country when "induction" comes up, but your risks go up for invasive procedures. They always went great for my step-mom, but she had eight and they really just walked out after awhile. Personally, it's a risk I'm not willing to take. After two c-sections, I CAN'T be given pitocin, but I know that once they hook you up to Pitocin, you WILL want an epidural, which slows labor, so they increase Pitocin, which makes the contractions so long and so hard that the baby starts to show signs of distress. It's sort of a scary cycle to start.

There are other ways to "induce" that I used very successfully with my last birth. My doctors told me I HAD to go into labor on my own before my due date. If you're interested, let me know.

You've got time to think it through. You'll do what's best for you.

Haley-O said...

I had really really bad prenatal depression/anxiety. It's REALLY worth going for help. If you feel this way now, you may very well feel this way, or worse, after the baby's born. It's really best to just talk to someone and be monitored. It'll also help you feel better to talk to someone. I've written extensively on prenatal depression on my blog and have had a great response to it from many women who experienced the same thing -- so, you're not alone in it. :)

The Estrogen Files said...

Induction hurts more than natural labor (IMHO).

Many of us fail the 1 hr GTT and do just fine on the 3. No stress, k?

Depression is easily managed and IS NOT a bad, evil thing. It's chemical imbalance and NOT YOUR FAULT! Better to have it managed NOW than wait till peanut arrives and futz around with it then. I missed the first 3 mos of Roo Boo's life this way. Counselor = good! Don't be afraid to have meds, if indicated.

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