Thursday, October 2, 2008

8 Weeks and Better

Thanks again for all the advice. And concern. And encouragement.

As of Tuesday, I gave up on crib naps. I figure he's doing well in his crib at night (which I know is actually quite good for this age) so the day will come when he's happy there for naps, too. It just takes time. I did modify the crib a little to make it seem smaller for him, in case he's feeling too exposed or swallowed up in all that space.

So during the days, I'm content to just wear him in the Snugli and get on with our days that way. The benefits far outweigh any fears I'll "spoil" him (can't spoil a baby this age anyway). He's close to me - which is good for breastfeeding in SO many physiological AND emotional/psychological ways. He's portable, which makes life easier for Bean and me and Peabody, too, really. And my back, amazingly, has felt fine these past days, probably because I've surrendered myself mentally to this, accepted that perfection (defined as a baby who takes his naps in his crib) isn't as important as keeping my baby happy and well-rested and my Bean cheerful and entertained and properly loved on and cared for. I don't have to be anyone else's definition of perfect - I just have to do what works for us (as many of you said) and this is what works for now. That relieves emotional tension, which in turn makes me feel more relaxed physically, which helps my back not get so hurty and tired out.

I'd read on either or that if I wore Peabody during the day so he had a peaceful day, felt safe and cozy and attached to me, he'd also settle better at night. And lo and behold, last night he nursed much better than he has been in the evening and went to bed without a hitch at 7:45. AND, he dropped one overnight feeding, too. He was asleep from bedtime to 1 AM and then 1:30 AM to 5 AM and then he slept again until 6:30 AM. Normally he'd have gotten up at 4 AM, as well. Could be a fluke, but it made me feel like my efforts Tuesday & Wednesday to wear him and feed him totally on demand (which meant I fed him a lot while I was out in the morning, at the doctors office, in the preschool parking lot, etc.) were rewarded in some way.

The doctor appointment was my last offical visit for this pregnancy. She pronounced me back to normal save the obvious suppression of estrogen from breastfeeding which creates a few issues for an old broad like me, but nothing that isn't easily remedied. My scar is healing nicely. I'm going to miss Dr. Howey. She'd be a great friend if she weren't my gynecologist. I can't see myself having a close friendship with someone who has to examine the hinterlands once a year. So I'll miss her.


Tequilamonky said...

That's gret :)
I'm so glad you've found something that works for you and keeps you all happy.

Sorry I blocked up your comments, I just wanted you to see that Matthew is just normal and I went through it all with Jove. Looks like Matthew actually sleeps better already than he did!
Enoy your sling time :) It passes all too quickly and sudenly they're not quite so portable any more and you miss it.

Hugs xxxxx

Melissa said...

Yay for all the betterness! I'm so glad you've found something to make things work for you guys!
I never thought I'd be a "baby wearer" but, man, oh man, it's got some fabulous benefits! :o)
Yay, Mama!

Peter and Nancy said...

My second son loved being in the sling -- it was as if he could sense that there was another sibling around waiting to hog all my attention! I'm happy you've had a more peaceful day & night! Great job experimenting, mama!
-- Nancy

Julie said...

So glad you are feeling better. I just got a little teary reading "I don't have to be anyone else's definition of perfect - I just have to do what works for us and this is what works for now". I struggle with sleep issues everday with my 10 month old and everyone has an opinion/idea. It's reassuring to hear you speak so candidly...thank you!

Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to hear that you feel a bit lighter about the situation. I do have a request - get Al or Alex to take a few pictures of you wearing Matthew. I'd love to see that sweet little face peeking out unless he's busy that is :-)

xoxo Julie

Mari said...

I'm so happy to hear things are going better. I didn't have a sling for my kids - they weren't used much then, but it sounds like it's working for Matthew!

Elle Charlie said...

Last visit of the pregnancy - I'd imagine that feels weird? Or maybe good, to be past that and on to motherhood!

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