Friday, January 11, 2008

10 weeks - first prenatal appointment

Ten weeks! Ten Weeks!

I like the even numbered weeks better for some reason.

I have quite a bit of news to write about and want to get as many details written down from my first prenatal visit to my OB before they start to slip away from me. The BIGGEST, BEST news of all is that I have found a very simple, safe, doctor-approved way to drastically diminish the nausea I've been dealing with and therefore I am feeling about 600 times better today than I felt just four days ago! I've been taking a combination of Unisom (Doxylamine Succinate) and Vitamin B6 every night before bed and waking up each day feeling really great - well-rested, strong, ready-for-action, and, dare I say, even HUNGRY. Like, I am hungry AND I want to eat something.

I still have a strong aversion to certain foods like anything garlicky, potatoes (my normal favorite food!) and a few others, but nothing as pronounced or horrifying as it has been. Last Monday was the WORST day of all for the nausea. It was just sheer hell. All I could do was lie on the floor or the bed and sleep or toss around, with Bean beside me watching hour upon hour of television. I decided THAT DAY that I HAD to find something to help me. Fortunately Wednesday was my doctor's appointment so I had that sortof ace-in-the-hole just in case, but I'd read many times about the combination of Unisom and B6 as a cure for morning sickness and many of the women who'd tried it had had fantastic results (and they'd all had perfectly normal, healthy babes, as well). I bought some Unisom several weeks ago and tried a tiny sliver of it during one day but all it did was make me groggy and weird-in-the head, so I'd given it up. But since then I'd read that if you take a larger dose and take it at night before bed, it worked beautifully. I had my sister and her kids coming in for a visit on the following day and decided to try the Unisom Monday night.

And Tuesday I felt SO much better than Monday! So I tried it again Tuesday night and Wednesday I felt almost NORMAL. Did it again Wednesday night and yesterday my sister and I and all three of our girls got up and rode the Metra train into Chicago and walked/ran/strolled all around the city all day long, rode the train back and didn't arrive home until dinner time and lo and behold I felt GREAT the whole day, no issues whatsoever, ate regular meals, no snacks, no nothing, and was just happy and smiling and full of life and enjoyed it all as if I were just plain old Megan.

It is a miracle!

Backtracking to the doctor's appointment Wednesday, I was so nervous to tell my doctor about my miraculous cure lest she make me stop immediately because of any risks she knew to be associated with the Unisom (I didn't think she'd have an issue with the B6). I MADE myself tell her, even though I seriously didn't want to even face the possibility she'd call an abrupt halt to my two-day nausea vacation. She laughed though and said, "That's what I'd have told you to try first, had you asked me. I'm so glad it's working for you - don't worry at all - it's fine." Period. End of discussion.

So, I am thrilled to be back to at least about 75% of my normal nausea-free self. It's amazing how this has changed my perspective on EVERYTHING. I am a much happier soul now. I imagine for those of you who know me pretty well, that fact was already fully evident to you after you caught the tone of the first few paragraphs of this post, wasn't it?

Let's see though. I should start from the beginning at the doctor's appointment, shouldn't I?

I went into the office after having consumed my requisite PLENTY OF FLUIDS, ready to burst at my little seams. But I had to fill out paperwork! And more paperwork! And hand over my ID and my insurance card! All as I shifted about squirmily in my seat, tap-danced around the lobby, and grimaced the "gottagogottagogottagorightnow" grimace for all to witness, had they been paying me the slightest bit of attention. I KNOW I could easily have shot out, "MUST. PROVIDE. URINE. SAMPLE. NOW!!!" and I'd have been delivered from my misery immediately, but far be it from me to inconvenience anyone! I think it was 20 full minutes before I finally was called back into the office and escorted to the gates of heaven ladies room, where I proceeded to provide urine samples for myself and about the next 100 patients through the door.

And then I got weighed. And measured.

By the way, I'm shrinking, heightwise (5' 5"), but getting heavier by the moment (138.5 with my clothes all on). In 5 years, I'm going to be shaped like a checker. Sigh.

Oh, poo. I'll have to sign off for now and come back later to write more. My sister and the girls leave this morning to go home so I need to go help coordinate departure and manage my little dirvish.


theflyingrat said...

Woo hoo, ¼ of the way through!! :) I always did prefer even numbered weeks as well, probably because I prefer even numbers in general.

I'm so glad you found something to help you with your nausea. I was sick all 9 months and it would have been super nice to find something that worked for me! No one ever mentioned that combination though. I don't even remember reading about it online and all my doctor could say was, "Well, it happens!" Gah!

Beth said...

So glad you are feeling better! Can't wait to read more about the peanut!

T with Honey said...

I could tell right away from your writing that you're feeling better. Yeah!!
If I ever manage to get pregnant again I'll have to remember the Unisom/B6 combination.

Melissa said...

Unisom + B6 has got to be better than the chemo drug my doc prescribed to me! It worked, but my insurance would only cover 7 days worth. :o( I shall remember The Cure and share your wisdom with all the pregified women I know.
So glad you are feeling better!

Nicki said...

I am so glad you are getting back to your normal chipper self. I've missed you. You're a quarter of the way through already, that amazes me!

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