Wednesday, January 30, 2008

12 weeks, 5 days - easy come, easy go

The late comment from Jemma on my last post reminded me to come back and say that the "baby bump" has all but disappeared! I guess it was bloating or water retention or something because the next day when I woke up I was back flat and unpregnant-looking again! I do remember this from last time, though, so it totally doesn't worry me. Besides, I'm still nauseous to beat the band and I made a pan of brownies today that Bean declared "Deewishus" but to me, they just taste bland and yuck. So my chocolate aversion hasn't eased up at all. And I can still feel Peanut, a. k. a. Hoppy Feet, bubbling around down there. So, all's well, I just apparently somehow expelled whatever was causing my mock baby belly. You're right though Jemma, it did look like a girl bump. My Bean bump was always round and flattened against me.

Hey! I shook things up a bit, diet-wise today. Bought my mac and cheese at the hot food counter of our local "fancy" grocery store. Yep! And I think it might even have had some ACTUAL REAL cheese in it. (However it didn't taste as good as the boxed kind to me. Oh well!) While I was perusing the hot foods there I also saw some crisy fried zucchini and bought a few slices of that. I came home and made some horseradish sauce (I have had some noticeable cravings for horseradish lately!) and slathered that on the zucchini strips. And ate them. Somewhere under all that creamy fatty sauce and that fried crispy breading was a vegetable! My standards for healthy eating have sunk to an All Time Low. But when you consider that that fried, fatty zucchini is the first vegetable I've been able to choke down since Sunday, you have to kinda be proud of me. Well, I'm a little proud, anyway.

So yeah, still nauseous. Lots of that kindof hiccupy, gaggy burping, too. Oy, vey I hope ... meh, you know the rest.

Well, there was more but somehow I lost it in the process of supervising Bean with a roll of tape and a pair of scissors (eek)!

Oh yes! I have been having headaches for a couple of days. Early Tuesday morning I woke up with a very scary one that hurt so badly I was shaking. Al woke up and took one look at me and said, "We need to call the DOCTOR!" but I asked him to wait, got up and got a glass of water then came back to bed still shaking, but shortly after I'd lay down and gotten warm and cozy next to him the headache went away. I suspect it was the water. I never ever drink enough, even for a non-pregnant person. I'm surprised I ever bleed when I get cuts or anything as it seems like my blood should be like jelly I drink so little. (Gross, huh? I don't know why that came to mind! But I will point out that generally speaking when I have to give blood or have an IV put in, it's the hardest thing to find one and then once they've found it they generally won't bleed long at a time and the phlebotomist or nurse generally says, "You don't drink enough WATER!" and no, I don't. So anyway I'm making a concerted effort now to drink and especially before bed because those headaches were coming on mostly in the morning and I assume it's because my already dry self was REALLY drying out over the course of an 8 hour sleep. But it means I have to get up again in the night, and it's COLD right now, so that's no fun. But since I've been doing that I haven't had a single additional headache, so I guess it's an okay trade-off.

I need to be getting at least a little more sleep than I have been. I do get 8 somewhat broken hours' sleep (but not badly broken) per night, but that's what I normally need to stay healthy, so I'm thinking I probably should be aiming to get at least an additional hour per night this trimester. It's not an easy thing to do though because Al gets up SO early to go to work, and that always wakes Bean who comes immediately into our room all ready to start the day. So I can't go back to sleep after Al leaves, and I probably wouldn't anyway even if I could because I always feel like if HE has to get up and get to work that early then I should too. Because it's only fair and wouldn't it drive me nuts to get up and drag myself off to work and leave HIM still all warm and toasty under the covers snoozing away? Yes, it would. Whether it's exactly the same thing or fair or whatever or not, it's how I feel. I don't know if I'll still feel that way after the baby is here and I'm getting up to feed him/her in the night, though. But I doubt I'll have the choice then because I doubt Bean will change her own habits before then. She is pretty much a sworn early-riser so far. All things being equal, so am I. But this being pregnant business has put a crimp in my early-rising nature.

And there's more but that's all I have time for. Sorry for the false alarm on the belly. I'll try to get a picture up late tomorrow night since I won't have time to do it Friday because we'll hopefully be on a plane headed South.


Mari said...

Soon Peanut will be popping out and it won't be a false alarm. Now I hope you really do start drinking more - you need your fluids! It's bad enough you're feeling queazy, you don't need headaches too!
Have a great time down south!!!

Mari said...

I really should proof read what I write - I meant Peanut will be making your tummy pop out!

Leigh said...

Oh well, it sure was a cute wee bump, even if it was a false alarm!

I have to make a concerted effort to drink more water as well, at least 1.5-2 litres a day. I fill a large glass (around 500 mls) to drink with breakfast. Breakfast isn't finished until the water is finished. And at work, I fill up a large water bottle (around 1 litre) and keep it at my desk and I try to finish the whole bottle by the end of the day. If I am really good, I try to get through 2 bottles. I have to do it that way, because I need to know how much water I have had and how much I have to go before I reach my daily quota!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

You know, when I was pregnant with AJ and was commenting to my doctor about how thick my waist had become even though she was still just a tiny bean of a thing, she made mention of the fact that when you are not pregnant, all you intestines (and stuff) are all nice and tightly coiled - like link sausages. When you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, the hormonal changes make the intestines (and stuff) expand to the point that they look more like a string of water balloons.

For some reason, that explanation made perfect sense. Just wanted to pass that along as I know your day will be so much better now.

And I seem to recall from my Weight Watcher days that eating fried vegetables are really not as bad as you think they would be. Eat on, sister! Whatever works.

Anonymous said...

I think you should consider the horseradish a vegetable too. See, you've eaten 2 vegetables this week!

Whatever works that's what you eat. The 'I'm pregnant' excuse is wonderful that way. :)

Rebekah said...

each one of my pregancies were different. I carred the two boys different and the two girls.

I agree with Mari, get you fluids in. And enjoy your vacation.

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