Thursday, January 24, 2008

11 weeks, 6 days - hanging in there

Bean went to a friend's house for a tea party today. She was gone about 2 1/2 hours and in that time I cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE. Obviously just the basics - vaccuum, dust, clean bathrooms, move stuff back into proper places. No really deep cleaning. But it looks and feels better in here, and I even already have dinner planned out for everyone, so that's good. Oh, and I did a load of laundry in there somewhere, too. I fought off quease off and on during the process but it wasn't too bad.

But now I'm absolutely worn out. And waaaaaaaaaaay nauseous. Oh well! At least it's almost time for Al to be home.

My stomach is round now. Well, I mean, it's not the baby I don't think, it's just the pushed-upness of everything else in there. At night the past couple of nights it's felt all itchy and been tight and round and puffed-up. Seems sooner than last time, but everyone says that's what happens, so it's okay.

Went out with the girls last night for a few hours. It was nice to chat and catch up - but also so nice to come home and climb into bed with my sweet husband and go to SLEEP. I am still SO tired out/sleepy. I've been taking about a 20 minute nap every day lately and I feel better for a few hours after that but around sun-down I just get BEAT again and want to go to bed at 7:30. I am also very very into my COZY right now - I just want to be snuggled up next to Bean or Al all the time, feeling their nice soft skin and the THEMNESS of them - my two best people. Lately at night after we've tucked Bean in, I HAVE to go back into her room after 10 minutes or so and snuggle her and smell her and press my lips into her soft cheeks and just SOAK her up. I just have an intense need for closeness to my family right now. Why is that? I can't get enough of them now, after several weeks of feeling so isolated and wanting to just be alone.

We just keep talking about names. And nothing much gets resolved. I'm sure we'll come up with something! (Tap tap tap nervous tapping.)

I've been extra thirsty for a few days AND I've also put on a couple more pounds - I think I'm now up about 7 pounds total in this first trimester.


I'm not. Worried. Whatever, right? Seven pounds. That leaves me 19 to gain in the next two trimesters to stay at the bottom of the normal and healthy weight-gain range. I haven't been getting any official exercise most days, either. I am just plain taking it easy this trimester because that's really all I can do. When I feel better and have more energy, I'll go back to working out and I'll be able to eat better.

This all, of course, hinges on me FEELING BETTER and HAVING MORE ENERGY.

Any day now.

Any. Old. Day.


Twelve weeks tomorrow. Some sources say this was the last week of the first trimester and others say next week is. Which should I go with? Hmmmmm.


Nancy said...

I so enjoy reading hyour post & continue to pray you will soon be on top of the world.. Just keep up the cuddles it my ward off the icks..

Melissa said...

I considered Week 13 the end of my first trimester for a couple of reasons:
(1) It was Thanksgiving, and was the best time to tell The Fam;
(2) Pregnancy lasts closer to 39 weeks than 36...and 39/3=13.
SO glad you are wanting to snuggle and cuddle with your Faves.

Rebekah said...

the first trimester sucks. Walking always helped me, physically and emotionally. With spring around the corner, gettting out for a walk once or twice a day may help out with the weight thing. Bean may enjoy the walk too

Michelle said...

Ok Meggie (sorry, it's a nick name from my past that seems to suit you right now).....

I haven't had a trimester in 9 years, but I still feel your angst. I remember feeling so tired my eyes wouldn't stay open with toothpicks. I will have to add this new journal of yours, since I will never have another baby, I have to live vicariously.

Much love to you dear. As to the hormones (not wanting anyone/wanting everyone......I can giggle.

Leigh said...

I always thought that 12 weeks meant the end of the first trimester, but I have been told that no, it's actually 13 weeks. I hope for your sake that the morning sickness ends at 12 weeks!!!

Shoeaddict said...

Yes, I'm reading this again because I am pregnant. I am 12w1d today and have heard the same things about the first trimester 12 weeks/13 weeks thing. I still have no idea. I guess my 14th week, I'll know that is my 2nd trimester.

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