Friday, February 29, 2008

17 weeks - Anemia? Is that you? So early?

Yeah, this is what I'm thinking. I think I was diagnosed with anemia around 22-ish weeks last time, so this seems early to me, but I remember clearly what it felt like last time, as the symptoms are pretty unmistakeable. I've been slowly going down hill energy-wise for a couple of weeks now. By a couple, I mean, oh, about 17.

Anemia does feel like a different KIND of tired, though. It fits with what it is. I feel more depleted, emptied out, spent, than just sleepy and ready for a nap. For the past two days I've had a few little seeing-spots moments and haven't been able to stand up for long at time without feeling all weak and fally-overy. So.

We went to the doctor today, though, and I told her about it. She okayed me going ahead and starting a slow-release iron supplement and then we did a quick blood draw so they can run the numbers. I'll know for SURE sure in a few days, but I'm pretty sure even without the test. I'll probably know sooner than the results get back because if anemia is the issue, I imagine I'll be feeling the impact of the extra iron by Monday, and I bet those tests won't be done until later next week.

Other than that, the appointment went as they always do. I did the old urine sample, got my blood pressure checked (102/sixty something - lower than it is when I'm not pregnant, which is strange to me. I wonder if that's a symptom of anemia too?) She measured me and I'm right where I should be. We listened to the heartbeat (aw!) and Bean got to say "Hi" to Peanut again. She was into it today. Oh and I got weighed, too and weighed 2 more lbs. than last time. (142.5, if you must know.) But that is with my clothes on! And a big huge "spare purse" bra and all of my jewelry. So lay off, dudes. I'm not a fatty. Yet.

Then a nurse did the blood draw which was a piece of cake (unusually easy, which was nice, since Bean was there taking it all in.)

And then we left and went shopping for a few little groceries we needed. And now we're both going to take a nap, since Bean was up at 4:50 this morning. UGH. She was a trooper at the appointment and Target but fell apart several times over lunch, poor thing. We are both tired and sortof short-fused, and you know how two tired, short-fused women get along. Not well. But I love her scary amounts and feel bad she got so tired out. I can't wait for the snow to end so we won't have those stinkin' plows waking us up at all hours.

I posted TWO 17 week belly shots today - a normal one standing up and then a second one lying down so you really CAN see my bump. The doctor even commented on how cute it was while she was measuring it. It's a sweet little bumpity bump. With a sweet little bumpity resident.


Edited to add: I keep forgetting to mention that since last Sunday, I've been periodically feeling these very stretchy, very pressurey, sometime stretchily painful feelings in my uterus. It feels like it's actually being blown up like a balloon - expanding/stretching in every different direction (well, in a sphere) all a the same time. It's different from a contraction, which is a crampy, squeezy thing - this is pronouncedly (is that a word?) EXPANSION-ISH. It literally takes my breath away/makes me feel gaspy and just plain WEIRD. I didn't feel this last time. I'd have remembered it. It probably happens anywhere from one to five times a day and maybe for about 30 seconds at a time. Such a strange sensation! I wish I'd thought to mention it to Dr. Howey. Oh well, if it continues, I will.


Mari said...

That's a really cute little bump!

Jenn said...

Why does it take them so long to do an iron test? My doctor always just did them in the office... the results took about 2 minutes!
I hope the iron helps and you have more energy soooon! :)

Melissa said...

Long live the iron pill! Oh. Thanks, that reminds's time to take mine. :o)
Hope yours kicks in soon and you start feeling human again1

{Karla} said...

I hope the iron pills make you all better.

And did you REALLY say something about you having FLUBBER??? on your belly photo page? GIRL!! I'll show you flubber.

That is one cute bump! :0)


Leigh said...

I hope the iron helps. It is not much fun having no energy to do anything. And awww, what a cute wee bump. I would like to have a lovely wee bump, but I think I am jsut going to end up looking like a tree trunk, round all over!

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