Sunday, March 2, 2008

17 weeks, 2 days - Iron(Wo)Man

So, I think my anemia theory will prove true when the doctor's office calls with the test results. I don't think they do much, if any, of their lab work in the office. All my stuff usually has to go through LabCorp because of my insurance company. As I recall from past experiences, LapCorp is slow and kinda low-tech about most things.

Yesterday, after only one dose of the iron pills Friday afternoon, I felt AWFUL (even worse than Friday) all day long. I glanced in the mirror around noon to note that I was pale and my eyes looked weird (sunken, dark, and sickly). All morning I felt breathless, weak, clammy and my heart would race at intervals. I ended up collapsing in bed by 12:30 PM and sleeping for over two hours. It felt like five minutes, though.

I mostly rested the remainder of the day and then went to bed and was asleep before 10. I took two more doses of iron yesterday and another this morning. Today I look and feel much more vibrant. Not 100%, but definitely hugely improved. I even cleaned the kitchen and downstairs this morning and still had energy to go outside with Bean and Al for awhile.

We've rested and watched a movie this afternoon and I took a short nap again. My heart hasn't raced at all today although when I lie down I can hear it beating SO LOUD it's hard to relax.

Through all of this weirdness, the Peanut's been moving around a lot. I still never feel kicks - only rolls and position changes. Last night, Bean and Al put their mouths close to the belly and talked to Peanut. At the onset of each of their little talks, Peanut squooshed all the way to the opposite side of my belly from where they were talking really really fast like "WHOA! WHAT WAS THAT? Must get away from the NOISE!" The movement was so quick - like he/she had been startled by the sound. And then as each of them continued talking, Peanut would sortof roll around and maybe move his/her limbs and spread back out like, "OH, it's just you, Daddy." Or "Ah, that's just my big sister talking to me."

The baby has also started getting more active when I eat or drink, just the way Bean did when she was in there. All sloshy and swooshy and wavy. Very funny. Yes, we in this family like our food. Apparently we start that pretty early!

I can't feel any of Peanut's activity from the outside (with my hand) but when Peanut gets all curled up on one side or another of the belly, I can see one side raised up higher than the other, and feel a firm little ball with my hand. The little bump under my hand is about the size of a small apple, or a biggish lime.

It's amazing. I really am very happy (but still shocked, even this far along!) to be experiencing it all again, and enjoying these first interactions with our sweet baby Peanut. I know this stinkin' diary can be full of complaining and sortof a downer, but I really AM in touch with the miraculous gift our baby is. My brain and heart get all that, it's just that this body I live in isn't loving it so much right now. I guess I've never been all that great at the whole Mind Over Matter deal. I envy people who can manage that better than I can.

I BELIEVE that I'll turn a corner and feel way better any day now. I honestly do. The nausea has been better the past several days, it's just that now I've had all the anemia symptoms to deal with. But once that's all taken care of, watch out, world!

OH. Did I mention I'll be calling tomorrow to schedule our Level II scan? It's already time! Daddy and Bean are still sure Peanut is a girl! Hopefully we'll know in a few weeks and then I can be as sure as they are about it. It'd be nice to stop having to add "... or BROTHER!" to every Little Sister proclamation Bean makes. Tee hee. I don't know how she'll handle it if this baby is not her beloved Baby Sister.


Leigh said...

I just finished commenting on your last post and zing, up pops another entry! I am crossing my fingers that the iron works its magic and you can get back to feeling better and more energetic.

And yay for the scan. I am so excited to find out if your wee peanut is a boy or a girl!

Rebekah said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Melissa said...

My brother kept saying "I don't care if my nephew is a boy or a girl, as long as he has a penis." ...that is...until he saw the first scan of his wee niece! :o)
Can't wait for the results of the scan!

Lerin said...

Oh my goodness... I can't wait to find out either way!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

no word from the lab yet? It sounds like you are on the right track with the iron.

can't type much now, but i wanted to tell you I have so been enjoying this pregnancy diary. the ups-and-downs and realness of it all. love it! keep sharing when you are up to it!

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