Monday, March 24, 2008

20 weeks, 3 days - It's A ...


I'm almost afraid to say it outloud!

It's a BOY!


A healthy, normal, very very active, (he never stopped moving for a minute during the entire 20-something minute ultrasound) baby BOY.

And his profile looks exactly like his Daddy's.

He's cute!

And he's a BOY!


He's growing fine, he's got all his parts and no markers for chromosomal issues. His heart is lovely, his spine is beautiful, his hands and feet are tiny but perfect, and he's a


Somebody pinch me, I'm having a BOY.


Rambling On said...

A boy!!! I knew it!! Wow!! What an exciting thing. I am so thrilled for you. I bet you are scared senseless! A boy!!!! How amazing!

Heather and Cami

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Joy! A boy!! Yea.

Mari said...

Yeah!!! I'm so excited. If you remember right, I predicted this. :) I would have been excited for a girl too - I'm just happy he is healthy. Congrats to you, Al and of course Bean!

Leigh said...

I just got finished reading your last entry and a new one popped up. And what an exciting entry!! I am so pleased for you that your little SON is looking wonderful and healthy and active!! Congratulations to you, Al and Bean. I am so excited and happy for you.

BerryBusyMom said...

I knew it - I knew it - I knew it! Ohboyohboyohboy! How exciting.

I'm so glad that the Level II went well - Yipee!!

Congratulations all!

Jemma said...

Yay yay yay! I was hoping you'd get a boy :)
Girls are gorgeous but it's just lovely to have a son. Yay a girl then a boy, the perfect pair in my opinion ;)

Cassandra said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!! I had a girl first then 3 boys. So happy for your family!!

Melissa said...

A perfectly matched set.
How much better can it get?
A girl, now a boy - oh, what a joy.
And he's healthy, which is better yet.

(not as good as Katie's works, but my heart was in it!) :o)

I'm so glad that he's a healthy, hoppin' little boy.

Pam said...

Hi Boy Peanut!!! Guess you get to start shopping for little blue clothes!

{Karla} said...

YAY!!!! You'll love having a boy!!!


xo ~ K

linds said...

Wow, it's a boy! What wonderful news that he is healthy and moving around like crazy in there. Now you are going to have to start working on the boy names. ;)

Lerin said...


A Boy!!! Oh boy, oh boy... it's a BOY!

Having a son has been an entirely different experience for me... I love my daughters, but loving my son feels like loving a baby Adam, too if that makes sense. Oh, I am so happy! I can't wait to hear your experiences with a son!!! XOXOXO

How did Bean react?

Beth said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so glad your baby is healthy and can I just say...I knew it would be a boy!

Now you will know the joys of having one of each!

Jennifer said...

How very exciting!!!! I am thrilled for you! Now you will have a Mr. Bean. LOL!

Alice said...

I knnnnneeew he was a boy!! Every time I saw a new lying-down belly shot I would say out loud, "Yeah, it's a boy!"

Woohoo! I'm so excited for you! I honestly cannot recommend boys enough, hehe ;) So thrilled that he's healthy and it all went well. I too am wondering how Bean reacted. How did AL react?!

I can't wait to see him when he arrives, and to find out what you'll name him! Soooo exciting! Congratulations :)

Jenn said...

Haha! I knew it! :) Boys are super great, I'm so excited for you guys!

For some reason I couldn't get into this page the past couple of days.. my internet's been acting odd. So I was DYING not knowing!!

I'm glad everything looked good on the ultrasound (told ya!). I'm really happy for you, Megan. You're such a good Mama and he is going to be one lucky little BOY. Woo hoo!

Rebekah said...

Congratulations! Not only on the 'boy' but being 'healthy'.

Bean will love having a little brother- as I am sure daddy is thrilled to have a son

Nancy said...

Wow, a Boy. You know heart burn means lots of hair, at least that is what I have heard....

CanCan said...

Yeeeehawww! You are going to have a BLAST with your little man!

Melody said...

Congratulations!! Not having had any girls, I can't really compare, but I really wouldn't trade my boys for anything...

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