Wednesday, March 12, 2008

18 weeks, 5 days - The Big Sister

Bean and I are still mucking through this stinkin' cold. She actually seems to be almost back to normal again, but I'm behind her by a day or two on my way to the finish line, I think. Probably because SHE gets to take all sorts of lovely decongestants and expectorants, while I slowly drown in a thick puddle of goo.

Lovely image, yes?

We aren't doing much. (What's new?) Walking up and down the stairs right now leaves me breathless with my heart pounding in my ears, so I try to avoid making many trips from one level to another. Oh, we eat meals, decent ones even, and we get clean and purty and dressed, and we make our beds every day, and the laundry's gettin' done and I cleaned the master bathroom yesterday because Monday night I could literally SMELL the dirtiness of it THROUGH my noseplugs of slime. And a girl just can't recover smelling dirty bathroom allatime. But by and large, those functions comprise the majority of our day's activity. My child is going to be completely vegetable-ized by the time this baby arrives. I feel SO BAD for her. But she continues to be mostly good. Occasionally she asks me, "Mama where are we going today?" and I say, "Nowhere baby, we're still sick, so we need to stay home and rest," to which she answers, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! I wanna GO somewhere." Truth be told, it's more than just wanting to rest, it's immense fear of catching yet another bug and being sick for another week. But the poor child. She is so much more extroverted than am I. Or Al. I wonder what Peanut's going to be like.

On a positive note, Bean has become quite adept at maneuvering her way around the website on my computer and can play several of the cute little games. She can also switch from book to book at the online library site my friend Katie recommended to us a few months ago. And she totally made a pan of cornbread by herself last night. All I did was measure the milk and put it in the oven for her. Oh, wait. I cracked the egg, too, because UGH. Raw egg! And she emptied the upstairs trashcans and carried all the trash down to the big trashcan downstairs, too. She is one helpful little person, that one. She's going to be a fantastic big sister. Today she told me all the things she's going to do for her baby brother... change his stinky diapers, and read him a story, and rock him and put him to bed in the crib and wake him up and put him in the highchair and feed him and give him a bath and put his shoes on and play with him.

I guess after I birth the little guy, I get to go on vacation! Yay!

The little one continues to move around plenty. He/she seems so much like Bean - I think I'll be wearing this one a lot. This baby, like B, is restful and still when I'm up moving around but wakes up and waves limbs and rolls around when I sit or lie down. B was like that in utero and for a few months after she was born, the only way I could get her to nap was by strapping her into the Snugli and going on about my day as I had when I was pregnant with her. She'd ride around sleeping away as I cooked and cleaned and whatever'd - many's the time I found little particles of food from dinner preparations on her head or down the back of her clothes when I changed her for bed. Even now, that kid has to be right there with me at all times, helping and being involved in whatever I'm doing. At least, though, she'll sleep in her bed. She'd be quite a load in a Snugli at this age.

Well, this was more about big sister than about Peanut. And she's awake now and walking around looking like a little angry cave person, dragging Teddy by one leg and scowling at me through still-sleepy eyes with her hair all mashed flat on one side and puffed up and and out on the other. ROWRRRRRR! I could gobble her right up, if I didn't know she'd growl at me for it.

I'm glad I'm having another child. I can't imagine life without a toddler around. I really can't. They are guaranteed smiles, these little people are.

Peanut kicked on cue when I wrote that. Hi Peanut! (Smile.)


Mari said...

I think my oldest was a lot like Bean. I remember her asking where we were going frequently when I was pregnant with Heather and being disappointed that I was planning to stay home. I hope that cold gets moving on soon. They always seem to hit you worse when you're pregnant!

Melissa said...

I read on WFMW that if Bean (or you, I suppose, too) is coughing, you should rub VapoRub on the soles of her feet right before bed, then put socks on, and that stops the cough better than regular cough syrups. I don't know if you guys are coughing, but if you are, maybe this is a handy tip? And, as a side bonus, maybe it would clear up your schnozzages, too?

Jenn said...

Hi Peanut! :)
I have nothing usefel to say but I did want to let you know I'm still reading! And I think of you lots.

Jemma said...

Ha my little "Big Sister" tries to be that helpfull but sadly lacks the patience to get the job done right. Everything has to be done at top speed leading to her running through the house with balanced and dripping plates whilst I run behind her. Not really relaxing. I could do with a Bean to show her how to do it!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Awwwwwwww! bean is going to be the BEST big sis! Dacey was totally NOT into being big sister and is just now thawing to the idea. ;) Bean will be superb, I tell you what.

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