Thursday, March 13, 2008

18 weeks, 6 days - Drippity Doo Da

You know what's REALLY cool?

Bein' 19 weeks pregnant and having a coughing fit in the middle of Target.

'Cause nothin' says lovely maternal glow like peeing all over yourself in the Choxie aisle.

I'm just sayin'.


Mari said...

Oh no! Glad you have a good sense of humor!

Jenn said...

Did you really pee on yourself or was that just your excellent talent for writing amusing things? Because if you did, it seems to me that you could write an entire book of "it could only happen to ME" anecdotes.

BerryBusyMom said...

I'm just laughin' at what you are just sayin'. Too funny, girl!

Beth said...


Anonymous said...

At least it gave you an excuse to buy a new pair of pants, right?

Yes, I'm always trying to find the silver lining.

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