Friday, March 14, 2008

19 weeks!

Yes, I did really have a leakage issue. I thought that was pretty common in pregnancy? It wasn't bad enough for anyone to know but me, thank goodness.

New pictures posted in the belly gallery. I have the weirdest belly in the world, I'm telling you.

So 19 weeks today! The cold is still miserable - probably among the top 5 of my life so far. When I lie down at night, my sinuses CLOSE. All the way. I literally had dreams about drowning last night the few times I was able to go to sleep.


The nausea is once again gone. I've had MILD queasiness two times since Tuesday, and they didn't feel like morning sickness nausea at all. They felt like normal unpregnant I'm sick nausea. I never knew this, but morning sickness nausea is really different feeling than the other kind. It's higher up, I think, and plays with your throat and mouth more. Anyway. Gone. OHPLEASELETTHISBEIT!!!

Food is good again. Like really good. Mouth-wateringly yummy. But I've eaten very healthily this week and watched my caloric intake - enough but not too much. Haven't gained any weight this week, I don't think. A total of 11 or 12 pounds so far, though. Which means that to stay at my goal gain of no more than 26 lbs. (what I gained with Bean) I can gain 14 more in the next 20 weeks or so. I think I'm actually a little heavier at this stage than I was last time. Maybe 1 to 2 lbs.

Not that I'm thinking about it at all, you know.

The baby is over 5 inches long now, from head to bummy. And his/her little feet are an inch long. That's pretty big! No wonder I can feel kicks now! He/she weighs 7 oz, give or take an ounce or two. Aw.

I'm developing a faint linea negra this time. I didn't have one with Bean - I wonder why I do this time? Also, I have tons more freckles this time than last. And a weird red spot between my eyebrows that appeared BEFORE I even found out I was pregnant. (Just by a couple of days, though.) I think I'll go see if I can find anything online about that.

And that's about it for today. I'm wearing some maternity pants (brownish corduroys) from last pregnancy and they're kinda loose on me, but I can hoist them up and tuck them under my new Bella band and they'll stay put. I do like the Bella Band - it's pretty comfy and useful.


Jemma said...

Yikes, poor you with the leakage, I was lucky and haven't had that during or after. Maybe it'll catch up with me in my old age instead ;)

Yay to lack of nausea though! Interesting about the linea negra. I got it both times but it took much longer to appear with Jove. It ended up lasting for ags afterwards with him, I think because of the breastfeeding.

Ooooh I keep flip-flopping, boy/girl/boy/girl/boy/girl? Will you find out at the 20 week scan?

Mari said...

Oh - I am SO happy that you are feeling better, at least regarding the nausea! Sorry you are still dealing with that blasted cold/sinus issue. I never had the linea negra but did have it a couple times in my last pregnancy. Thanks goodness, not since!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

YAY for feeling better! And YAY for food tasting good again. Hope the sinuses are good and cleared up very, very soon.

Jenn said...

I didn't get the linea negra thing with Aislyn but I did with Riley. Pregnancy does funny stuff.. I have read somewhere that it can cause patches on the face but I have never known anyone personally that experienced it.

I'm glad the nausea is better! It really IS different, isn't it? Sorry about the sinuses! You can't catch a decent break can you?

When is your appointment for the ultrasound again? I'm dying to know if it's a boy or not!

Lerin said...

YES, it is common! I thought my water broke when I was about 37 weeks with Ben and sat up after a two hour nap. I even called Adam home from work before I realized what had acually happened. How horrifying!!!

You are not alone, girl. Only most of us won't admit it! :)

Leigh said...

Oh you poor thing. I had a similar 'issue' with a particularly large sneeze, but thankfully, I was at home at the time. Just a wee (no pun intended) reminder for me to keep up my pelvic floor exercises!!!

Kathleen in TX said...

I wrote down my weights at each OB appt. and compared them to each previous pregnancy. Not that I thought about it much...
I experienced different things with each pregnancy (my last 2 were after 40) but had more sinus and leakage troubles with the last one!

Alice said...

Megan, I am so horribly scatterbrained, and have not been keeping up with your exciting pregnancy journal like I have wanted to!! Every time I think of you (which is often, by the way!), it's at a time when I'm not at the computer, like at night in bed or something. Then I forget to check on you the next day. I haven't got your diary lighting up red at Dland any more! I finally had a good reminder reading your message at Nicola's diary, and came right over here to leave you a message. It's shamefully late and I can't even read your news now that I'm here, but I wanted to leave you a note all the same. I will be back! I'm eager to catch up. I can NOT believe you are already halfway through your pregnancy! Where did that go?! I'll be back tomorrow. xxx

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