Friday, March 7, 2008

18 weeks - Zowie.

New pictures in the belly gallery!

So, I think I have the whole anemia/tiredness thing figured out. I ran out of my bottle of prenatal vitamins about 10 days ago, and got some new ones. They were very similar to the old ones. I started the new ones a few days before I started to feel all tired and anemic. Then I started the iron and felt better but the nausea was bad again (you're right, Laura!).

Well, two nights ago I happened to notice the dosage for the new vitamins. I was supposed to be taking TWO of the new ones per day, vs. ONE of the old ones. So essentially I was only getting half of what I'd been used to. I bet that's why I felt so awful.

So that mystery is solved.

Also, The Girls have developed a painfully itchy rash which is driving me a little crazy. You can't just SCRATCH there when you want to! I've been putting cortisone cream on them and the rash has improved, but they are still really burning and itching. Growth. Fun fun. I'm wearing my nursing bras now - they fit well but I wonder if I'll need bigger ones later.

I've had a few days with actual social contact with other adults and I'm feeling a little better moodwise. I could use a break from Mamahood this weekend - even for a few hours. Bean has been pretty intense this week - she wants to be with me every second and I love that, but I'm just desperately in need of SPACE.

The baby is still moving around a lot. I felt two actual kickish feeling things on Tuesday, but only the rolling, repositioning movements since then. My babies just don't seem to kick, or if they do, I just don't seem to feel the kicks.

Most of the women around me seem certain this baby is a boy. They don't know why, they just think, "boy." I can't wait to find out who is right. I still have no feeling one way or another, personally. The carrying/feeling/dreaming about this baby has been mysteriously un-telling to me, so far. I just pray it's healthy.


Mari said...

You're almost at the halfway point! Glad you figured out the vitamin thing - that would make you feel tired. For some rreason I'm thinking boy too, but what do I know? We'll just have to see.

Melissa said...

I felt my first kick at 18 weeks, although I didn't recognize any rolling around by that point...I only knew that there was something within poking outwards. Of course, everyone told me it was just gas! Hah!
The bump is adorable! So round and obvious.
Based on the longitude and latitude of your bump, I'm gonna have to vote boy, too, because my bump never looked like yours. :o)
Of course, we all pray for a healthy baby inside the bump - regardless of the parts.

AlaneM said...

With my first we didn't find out what 'flavor' we were getting. I reeeeeealy wanted a girl but the whole time had a feeling it was a boy - and that's what we got.
But ya just never know. I have a friend that was told 99.99% boy it it was not a boy - whoops!
Congrats on being almost halfway :)

Rebekah said...

wow 18 weeks already? Your rounding second heading toward home plate. (oops a Baseball analogy... I am so ready for spring)

BerryBusyMom said...

I understand the rash on the girls. When I was around 30 weeks with the girls, I developed a rash on my belly - PUPPP rash. Zowie did it itch. The coritzone cream that the Dr precribed (which I could only use 2x a day) didn't really help. I read something online about aloe and ginseng lotion. I found some citrus ginseng lotion and mixed it with Aloe, and coated myself every time I waddled to my bedroom. Lo and behold, it finally eased up. Sometimes PUPPP lasts until delivery, but mine subsided (at least that's what I remember!)

Love the picture of the bump - wild looking!


Sincerely Anna said...

Oh! I'm feeling out of the loop here! I didn't know you started this blog. How fun! I need to get back to reading but thought I'd just pop in and say hi here on the latest post.

Jenn said...

It's funny, logically I always think girl but when I don't THINK about it too much, I think boy. Does that make sense? Back before you got pregnant (around the time you bought the train thing) I had a dream that you had a boy. But you know, that was just my crazy mind at the time. :)

This is my THIRD attempt at posting - it keeps refusing me. *sniffle*

Anonymous said...

I love the pics with the new angle... I can finally see the bump. A well-defined bump that make you want to reach out and rub it. Have you started running into that issue with total strangers trying to rub your belly at the grocery store?

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