Friday, July 18, 2008

37 weeks. Full term Peanut.

Whooohooooooo! We have arrived, me boy!

Now come on out of there so Mama can reshuffle her internal organs and stop wearing the same thing every day. And get in and out of chairs without creaking and groaning.

So let's see. It's been awhile. I've had a bunch of period-like aches and cramps for the past 10 days to two weeks. Cervix was still closed, fluid levels fine and baby plenty reactive at Monday's OB/GYN appointment which included an ultrasound (saw Peanut's lil face - he looks like Bean, but then again, they both looked like aliens in ultrasounds, so...) and a 20 minute non-stress test. Which was nice because I went alone and got to read a WHOLE MAGAZINE ARTICLE while I was there. I go back this coming Monday at 9 AM for a repeat of same except I'm not 100% sure she'll do another ultrasound.

On the not-so-fun-or-pleasant front, I have a bleeding hemorrhoid that hurts like the Dickens all the time and makes sitting and standing for any amount of time seriously awful. But life goes on, you know. What can you do? I'm trying to keep it from getting any worse by resting lying down when I can and doing the normal things one does for one of these guys. It's embarrassing and worrisome and a nuisance and I worry I won't have it healed up before delivery and then what'll happen? EEEK.

I am thinking once again that Peanut has moved down into my pelvis. The heartburn's eased off once more and the frequent trips to the potty have resumed. Also, if I stand up for awhile, I get that achey grinding/pinching feeling down on my cervix. As far as I can tell though, my cervix is still pretty high, so I doubt we're headed into labor anytime very soon. I'd actually welcome it any day now except for the hem-you-know-what which I'd like to get, you know, back where it belongs first.

I still have the lower back pain and hip pain off and on, and I am SO fretful and cranky and tired lately. Feels like the most hideous PMS EVER. I'm hoping this is just a phase and won't last until labor because UGH I don't like feeling this way!

I packed Peanut's little bag for the hospital last night. Just a soft white cotton thermal blanket, a few tiny diapers and a couple of littlebitty outfits. I packed the preemie stuff since that's what we needed for Bean after she was born, but maybe I should throw in a newborn outfit too? What if he weighs 8 lbs? (Perish the thought!) Oh, and a pacifier. Al's been on me to pack a bag for myself, too, and will have his packed this weekend, and he wants one ready for Bean in case we have to drop her off with a neighbor on our way to the hospital. He's so funny - does he not remember how long it took us to actually get to GO to the hospital from the onset of the contractions last time? Even if it only takes a fraction of that time for Peanut to come, we'll still be hanging around here long enough to throw some things in a bag, particularly knowing how LITTLE of the stuff we took last time actually got used.


I'm adding this on Monday morning, at 37 weeks, 3 days. It was a good, restful but still productive weekend. Another huge flurry of "nesting" - Al installed a ceiling fan in our bedroom, which has been such a Godsend at night. Even though we've had our air conditioner set down pretty low, I've still been sweaty and hot each night. I sleep pretty well anyway, though - I just have to get up once to go potty, usually and other than that, it's a pretty solid night. When I first lie down in bed it does take awhile to get comfortable. It feels like Peanut is way too high on me at first, but then he seems to adjust to my position over a few hours and then I'm comfy again. Plus, Al usually gives me a nice backrub which helps unfurl my aching muscles AND takes my mind off the front portion of my body!

I'm starting to get the "how much longer?" inquiries every where I go. People who see me weekly know I must be getting close, I think, as I have that distinct look of a very pregnant person - the waddle, the panting, the general look of exhaustion. It's very strange to be able to say probably less than three weeks! And you know what? To anyone else less than three weeks seems a short time, but to me, it has a very foreverish sound to it, most of the time. But then I thought about it yesterday while I was sitting alone for a minute in the kitchen, and I got chills thinking that in 3 weeks or less, everything changes. That after those three weeks are over, we'll have Peanut at home with us, and the atmosphere will never again be quite as it is now. Hard to explain unless you've been there. Which I suppose everyone has in some way, whether they've ever added a new member to a family or not. Life altering events are so... life altering.

I know. I'm so profound.

I have my weekly OB visit this morning. I'm kindof looking forward to it and kindof dreading it. The non-stress test was nice, in that I had 20ish minutes of solitude, but it was very uncomfortable on that hard table on my back. I felt like a beetle, all stuck and wiggly but unable to get onto my side (because of the monitors, etc.) At home, I NEVER lie on my back - it's a horribly awkward and uncomfortable position. But it only lasts 20 minutes, so I'll make it.

Bean's really anticipating the arrival of her brother now. She seems to sense he's coming soon (of course she HEARS us and others saying that, as well) and she's been a little off, behaviorally. I mean, she's mostly fine, but she's a little whinier than I'd like on occasion and she has been testing a few boundaries and just generally getting into more trouble than usual. Part of it, I'm sure, is boredom, because we aren't quite as active as she'd like -- I am trying to keep her entertained as best I can, but some days I'm just tired out and blah and she has many hours to fill on her own, which she's not especially fond of or great at doing. Hopefully though this will ease her transition into have to share me. It'd be harder on her to have to go "cold turkey" from having my completely undivided attention to having me busy taking care of a newborn for huge portions of the day, overnight. I hope I'm making up for the reduced playing and entertainment time by being EXTRA loving and fun with her on the occasions that I can be. I tell her all the time that I love her so much and she's so special and important to me and that will never ever change no matter what.

I hope that sinks in. I'm not really worried about the long term ramifications of all this because she's going to have a sibling now - someone she can hopefully share everything with and who will be such an amazing addition to her life - just about how she'll adjust initially. She seems so excited and happy about it, but really, she has no clue what it's going to be like, no matter WHAT I tell her, you know? I think she's pretty tough and adaptable, though, and I KNOW she's very positive and receptive as long as she has her parents' support. So maybe it will go fine.

UGH. The waiting! It is so hard. Yet I'd be wise not to rush things, even in my own mind.


Nicola said...

Wow, I can't believe you're 37 weeks already! Are you sure you're 37 weeks? Hehe. It seems so crazy that your little Peanut will be here in no time (to us onlookers at least!).

*hug* Nicola

Rambling On said...

A fraking BLEEDING Hemmoiroid. Megan!!! Dear God. That sounds like the most miserably embarressing thing to have to deal with throughout the entire pregnancy process. I am in complete denial about that gastly word (whispering here...hemmoiroid). I feel for you, sista, but you are still upholding well. I can remember aorund 37 weeks syaing to my friend that I really needed to get some new clothes (cause I too was wearing the same things over and over again) and she was like, um..what for...and it then occured to me that I thankfully would not be in that state long enough to enjoy any new clothes that I spent my money on. LOL.

Jenn said...

Yay! It's such a relief to get to the 'full term' part isn't it? When you know that you can go into labor any time now and it will be all right. I absolutely HATED the non-stress tests. I had to have a lot of them because I went over the due date with both kids and maaaaan. It was miserable, haha. With Boo it even got to the point where the ultrasounds were annoying, I had so many of them. I think Bean will be fine with the transition. Is Al taking any time off after the baby is born? I know Monkey acted out quite a bit at first (and even asked if I could give her back a couple of times!) but he settled down quickly. It's hard for kids that age but I have a feeling that you are going to be extra great at balancing the two kids and making each of them feel incredibly special. I'm thinking of you almost constantly and I can't wait to see pictures of Bean holding Peanut!

BerryBusyMom said...

Three is such a tough age - trust me! Reece was almost 3 when the girls were born. That year was VERY challenging. He was ALL about testing his and my boundaries (and pushing my buttons), which unfortunately for us is normal. Just remember to pick your battles.

I also remember that after the girls came, Reece mostly was angry with me (and thankfully not his sisters)about the reduced attention. He never anything like "Let's take them back." He truly loved them (and still does), but he was mad that I had to spend so much time and energy with them.

Thank goodness for the Parents' Day Out program at our church. Reece would go for the morning once (sometimes twice) a week, do arts and crafts, snack, play on the playground with his new friends, etc, while I cared/nursed/changed the girls over and over and over. Any chance that y'all have anything like that nearby?

As for the 'roids, I feel your pain!! Witch Hazel has been my choice for relief. I had some witch hazel pre-moistened pads (Prep H or even the store brand will work)that I would leave on "them" between potty breaks. There is nothing quite like 'roids, huh?

Just a few more weeks. Here's a hug for you!!! ((()))

AlaneM said...

Oh those last few weeks are so hard! I remember this weird time perception thing - when I was thinking of the reality of having the baby & all the changes, the time went too fast. But with all things physical? Waaaaaaaay too slow!
And as for your roid issues, UGH!! I hate those things with all my being. I got them bad after both my pregnancies for about 6 months - yup, hate them!! It's that little pregnancy gem nobody tells you about...and them wham-o you can't sit or stand for more than 2 minutes at a time. Once when Sam was a baby, we spent 1 whole day in bed cos I couldn't stand the pain.
I'm praying for a soon & easy delivery for you!!

Leigh said...

Poor you! It's so funny that you never hear about all of these pregnancy indignities before you get pregnant! Hopefully you can... ahem... get things 'back in order' before Peanut makes his grand entrance!

I am sure that Bean will be fine when Peanut arrives, but I understand that worry. I know that Emily is so excited about the new baby, but no matter what I say, she won't understand the reality of having a new baby around until the baby is here.

Anonymous said...


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Lerin said...

I have to give you hope... Madeleine (also aged 3) was acting out a lot when I was 8-9 months pregnant with Isabella... but once Bella arrived, it could not have gone more perfectly! Zero jealously, never asking to give her back, etc. She was just so loving, gentle, and protective of her. She was so helpful, like a second Mommy. I have hope that Bean will be the same way!

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