Wednesday, July 30, 2008

38 weeks, 5 days - Nuttin' Honey.

Just wanted to pop in and say things have been pretty quiet on the all-things-labor front since yesterday at about 4 AM, when I had about an hour or so of pretty painful, wavy cramping. Since then I've just had some dull aches and BH contractions (looooooooooong ones), and nothing else.

Bean and I went out and did some light yard work yesterday in the afternoon (watering and weeding). I'm not even sore from that today, which is odd - weeding is hard on the body, usually, when I'm pregnant. All that squatting and stuff.

My cervix is reeeeeeeeeeeeally low now. Like, "OH, HELLO! I wasn't expecting to see YOU here!" low. It's definitely way down from even where it was Monday and more forward facing. I will not go into anymore graphic detail than that, although many very funny ideas as to how I could are floating around in my head. STIFLING THEM.

I so wish I'd arranged a hair appointment for this week. I can't believe my boy is going to have to see me for the first time looking like this. Poor guy. Sigh.


Lerin said...

Crossing all my fingers and toes that you get to meet the little guy soon! You definitely sound like you're in early labor. Any time now!!!

Anonymous said...

It definitely sounds like your cervix is doing the equivalent of rolling out the red carpet for Peanut to make his grand entrance in the not so distant future.

Hope you're enjoying the time alone with Bean and feeling him move around in there while it lasts!

Jenn said...

I get soooo ridiculously excited every time that I see you have updated!!
Come on, Peanut!! I need to know your real name, I've been waiting long enough!!! ;)

Alice said...

Oh please don't stifle them, hehehe! I'm already laughing in anticipation of the thoughts you're not going to share! ;) Your writing is so funny! But I fully understand why you'd not want to write about a low low cervix in any more detail! ;)

Can't wait to meet Peanut! He's going to LOVE you, never mind your hair. I think he'll only care about your smell (the natural variety) and the sound of your voice and the warmth of your skin.

*sigh* Aww, it's all such an amazing time!! (not that I'm yearning in any way at all!...)

I will be praying for you over the birth! xxx

Leigh said...

I am looking forward so much to the post where you tell us Peanut is here!! I have decided that since you are 1 week ahead of me, my baby will be born 1 week after Peanut is (yes, I can decide such things!). So hurry up Peanut, I need to know when my baby will be here!

And funny you should mention a haircut - I just got mine cut last night!!

linds said...

I can't wait for Peanut to arrive! I am sure he will be here before you know it!! :)

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