Saturday, August 2, 2008

39 weeks, 1 day - Impatience!

I didn't update yesterday because there wasn't anything to say. Boo hoo! But it WAS the first day of August, which we can safely assume will be Peanut's birth month, so I should have. I just know that any update from here on out gets everyone all excited and then to have really nothing exciting to say, well... no fun.

But we're one day into week 40! Whatever that means! Maybe nothing! I suppose on the bright side is the fact that every day that passes gets us closer to the day he'll be here. Out.

I spent some time last night reading the pages I bookmarked back in the first few weeks of this pregnancy about breastfeeding and re-committed myself to the notion of just staying in bed the first several days after Peanut gets here, with him, skin to skin, soaking him up and letting our bodies do their supply/demand thing together. I hope I can just relax and do it and enjoy it. I was such a nut after Bean was born. I hope I can just finally have learned my lesson. I also hope to GOODNESS that Peanut isn't so late that my Mom has to leave shortly after he's born, because then I'll be in the same boat I was last time, only with an extra (demanding) passenger! ACK. Y'all, if I am on here bragging about being up and at 'em 2 or 3 days after this child is born, I fully expect you to ASSAIL me with comments and emails reminding me that this is my last tiny baby and my last chance to get nursing right and demanding that I stop it immediately. Please? I'm serious.

Peanut is so squished up now... I can't bend over anymore - he's giving me GREAT posture as I have to sit and walk with my back completely straight or I have feet or bummy or whatever jabbing up into my ribcage/lungs. The poor boy barely moves at all now. I mean he's moving and alive and all that but I can tell he has no room to really do anything beyond just a little shove here or scoochie there. He's just too big and his Mama is too small. I'm still sleeping okay until 4 AM or so and then my back just starts to ache from all the heaviness of this belly and I'm usually up for the day, tossing and turning from then until Al gets up at 5:15. Which makes for some long and exhausting days. Poor Bean. I just hope none of this is messing her up, poor child.

Really haven't had any contractions beyond the near-constant BH I've been having for awhile now. Occasionally I'll get a little pain down low in my belly or back and think "YES?" but so far, nope. Cervix hasn't changed since early in the week and there's been no spotting or anything, so. I was so hopeful we were getting somewhere last weekend but now, a week later... Nothin'.

And so we wait! I wish I could do something to speed things along, but babies come when they're good and ready and this one, apparently, is not.


Jemma said...

g on in there honey, didn't Bean arrive around this gestation? Can't be long to go now. :)

However if you want to speed things up a little, a couple of my friends swear by this trick.....

1. Buy some evening primrose oil capsules.
2. Swallow one.
3. Pierce another and squeeze the oil out onto your fingers.
4. TMI ALERT.... rub the oil as close to your cervix as you can get!

Apparantly the oil helps to soften your cervix.

Good luck sweetie, loving your plans to bedrest after the boy is born, that seems like a great plan. I pretty much was forced into that with Jovey and look how well it worked for us! Whilst at the time I was desperate to get home I still do believe that those early days devoted to establishing breastfeeding made all the differance.


Alice said...

Oh I feel your pain!! And the frustration about your mom having a set time to go home, so baby boyness must HURRY UP and arrive before she does, darn it!! ;) Matthew was a full week after my due date and my parents left the very next morning :( But you will not not not not go late! I feel sure of it! Bean was here by now - I just know Peanut will arrive soon! Hang in there, and don't worry about getting everyone all excited with "nothingness" posts - it just increases the thrill of the rollercoaster, don't you worry! ;)

Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight (or are otherwise occupied!). Don't worry about Bean - some boring days will not scar her for life! I was sure Arthur was traumatised before both the little boys were born but he seems to only have fond memories, and lovely relationships with his brothers :)

Alice, again said...

Oops, to clarify, I was not telling your baby boyness to HURRY UP, darn it! I just meant that I understood that's the way it feels when you have a deadline in the form of a date that your mother will leave your side! :)

Rambling On said...

Megan, Everything is as it should be. Peanut will be here soon enough. I know how you feel about neglecting poor Bean. I cry about that all the time because I feel so guilty of the quality of time I give to Camden. I can only hope that this is teaching him something and preparing him for the new baby in some way. Afterall, we can't be everything all the time, can we?

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