Sunday, August 3, 2008

39 weeks, 2 days - Impatience squared.

I just came to whine. Click away! Click away!

Today's been particularly difficult, impatience-wise. As has happened several mornings over the past week and a half, I woke up in the wee hours with cramping and pressure. That lasted about 3 hours this time - which felt pretty promising, but I tried hard not to get my hopes up anyway. Gradually the painful part went away, leaving in its wake just a bunch of long, extremely strong BH contractions. The kind that make me feel like I can't breathe they're so strong. On and on they've gone and occasionally I get a tiny little pang of ouchiness down low, but nothing at all to make me thing I've got anything started. It's just annoying, without any promise, you know?

And what bugs me most is that I'm still not even at 40 weeks yet. I guess I feel labor could - no scratch that SHOULD - start any time now because it did with Bean. But really, my labor with Bean means virtually nothing to how or when my labor with Peanut will be and it's asking for frustration for me to believe anything else. I know that intellectually, yet my default position when I'm not MAKING myself face that fact is to feel like I'm THERE now and expect to get started laboring ANY MINUTE NOW.

I'm just so frustrated. Isn't that ridiculous?

See what I mean - I'm just whiny. Ugh.

I'm also worried now that of all days I'll go into labor Tuesday, the day my mom arrives, and we won't be able to pick her up at the airport, and we'll hire a limo to pick her up but she's never been picked up at the airport by a limo before and she won't know where to go to meet it and her arrival will be stressful for her and I'll be stuck at the hospital worried she's having problems and can't call us because she doesn't have a cell phone. And that has me all worried and wishing I could just get on with labor and birth so we'd know Mom would be fine. Or wait until after she's here and then that means - UGH! - another three days of waiting and wondering or MORE.

Yeah, I need to stop this. I'm driving MYSELF a little nuts.


Anonymous said...

Part of the reason I keep 'rooting' for Peanut's birthday to be 8/8/8 is because I've been trying to get you to stop thinking that he should be on his way NOW.

Looks like I may win the pool (if there was one) after all!

Melissa said...

Aww, I can totally relate! I was absolutely positively certain that Dave was going to be in England defending his PhD when Mookie knocked on the door! I had myself all in a tizzy. :o)
I know that you and Al are resourceful enough and have enough friends that you will come up with a good solution if your mom and Peanut both arrive on Tuesday.
In prayer...

Leigh said...

Oh yes, the impatience. I completely understand. I am ther emyself, and I still have 2 weeks to go! Even though I figure that nothing will happen until my due date, every little twinge and ache has me thinking that maybe this could be it. Just because I am so ready to have this baby. I am going to drive myself crazy for two weeks. And when I am eventually really in labour, I won't believe it!

Rambling On said...

If only there wasn't that time thing. If only we didn't know that babies get born arond this time or this time...remember some babies can come up to 42 weeks. That is perfectly normal. You will know when it is time. Just try to relax and don't worry about your mom or when she has to leave or what not. Something tells me, you have a great group of neighbors out there who are going to be more than willing to pop in and check up on you during. Have you talked to any of them or even asked if you coudl schedule some regular play dates for Ms. Alex so you can have some one on one bonding with the new bambino?

Rebekah said...

the last few days are always the hardest. Whine away- we'll listen

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