Monday, August 4, 2008

39 weeks, 3 days - Not Quite So Impatient

Okay, so, nothing going on today, labor wise. Just thought I'd get that out of the way right up front. Still some MASSIVE BH contractions that make me feel like my lungs are going to shoot out my ears, but nothing to lead me to believe I'll be holding a Peanut in the next 24 hours.

Which is good. By this time tomorrow (earlier, actually), my mom will be in da house, so to speak, and that worry, the one about GETTING HER HERE, will vanish, along with the challenge of getting Bean to a neighbor's house before we can get to the hospital. My mom, however, has notified me that she's tired out from her house closing (she closed today on her new house, yay!), etc. and will not be ready for me to go into hiding when she gets here. It's okay though, it'll just be nice to have someone around for moral support, even if I still have to be in charge a few more days.

Bean woke up in the night last night with a bad cold and was a little less than her normal whirling dirvish self for part of today, plus we had pretty strong thunderstorms in the morning, so we were blessed with a nice, cozy morning in bed together, just watching PBS Kids and snuggling. At one point, I was tickling her and she squealed, "Peanut, come out here an' save me! I'm bein' eated by a alligator!" It was pretty cute. She couldn't do that snugglin' in bed thing all day (I certainly could have) but in the afternoon we watched Mary Poppins and played board games and she danced around to some music which was pretty low key and easy to manage. Hopefully she'll sleep well tonight and I won't be up with her again. Taht is TIRING.

I'm huge. I just am. This baby is just CRAMMED into me now and when he moves it hurts. I never felt that with Bean, so I know he must be substantially bigger than she is. I am so ready for him to come out. I don't want him to be too big - not just because of what it would mean for birth, but because I want to see him all teeny tiny and get to dress him in teeny tiny clothes and see teeny tiny little feet and stuff. I know even if he's an 8 pounder he'll still be teeny tiny, but for me, the teeny tinier the better, I guess.

I feel a little bit less irritated and frustrated and annoyed now. Tomorrow is the 5th. We'll get there. Yes, T, and Tracei, the 8th would be a lovely birthday. Now that it's only 3 days away, I don't nearly boil over with angst thinking that might be it. But please, Lord, not two more weeks.

Oh, and my doctor's appointment isn't until Wednesday this week. I was so confident last week I wouldn't have to keep it. Now I bet I will. Oh well!


twithhoney said...

I'll add you and Peanut to my prayer list tonight and send up one more plea of "not two more weeks."

Leigh said...

I second the "not two more weeks"!!! I am feeling big and sore and so ready to meet my own wee baby, and I am a week behind you. I can only imagine how you must be feeling!

I actually had a dream last night that I read an entry from you saying that Peanut had been born and you had named him Dean Wayne. I remember thinking that you must have had a very smooth, very speedy birth as I had only finished reading your entry saying nothing had happened yet. And I also remember thinking that I was sure the name Dean Wayne wasn't on your list. I thought it was very weird when I woke up that I was a) dreaming about reading blogs and b) dreaming about someone else's birth and not my own!

Peter and Nancy said...

Hang in there . . . every minute that goes by is one minute closer to meeting your boy in person.

linds said...

Come on baby Peanut!!! :)

Jenn said...

You know, I had that crammed full feeling with Riley but not with Aislyn. And Riley was the smaller baby! Of course, both of mine were 8+ pounds soo yeah.. not so teeny tiny, haha.

The 8th would be a GREAT birthday. I love dates like that! :)

The Fritz Facts said...

I was crammed when I was pregnant with Boo. Plus she was late, so not a good time. she was just plain mean, 34 hours and late. I just realized that.

Hope Mom can help you feel mellow!!

Rambling On said...

Megan...the funniest thing happened to me last night. I woke up at around 3am and started to think about you. We must be trading this habit. I thought I have to get to my computer and tell her this, this and this...but I was VERY tired, so it had to wait. My thoughts were this...with breastfeeding, buy the book "The motherly art of breastfeeding" today! If you don't already have, get yourself an arms reach co-sleeper. Try not to use the nursery for the first few months becasue it will only be more tiring for you. The baby wil lbe eating a LOT and you will be thankful to have him as close to you as possible. Don't be concerned about him falling asleep next to you. You will know his every snuffle and move before he makes it. I promise. Also, if you can get the name of your local lactation consultant now (ask the ped's office) so you have that number on hand if you have ANY troubles. They will help immensely!! Don't listen to the hllaballlo about your baby trying to pacify himself with you or that he only needs to eat x amount of times...listen to your baby and your boobs and feed him when he cries. It is hard, hard, hard work...but you can do it...just don;t lose faith and try and relax. Breastfeeding is the best way to teach you to slow down, sit down, and take a moment to breathe him in. It makes for some great and much needed forced bonding. Plus, I am always here if you need anything!! Heather and Cami

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