Monday, July 28, 2008

38 weeks, 3 Days - OB Appointment

The whole family traipsed to the doctor's office. I have to admit it worked out to be pretty fun having everyone there together. Dr. Howey seemed to enjoy it as well, as she stuck around and chatted with us for awhile after our appointment had officially ended.

The non-stress test went well this time. I lay on my side and Peanut cooperated. He was still enough that his heartbeat kept tracing but active enough that he showed plenty of reactivity.

She eased back he original weight guess to just now crossing over 7 lbs. I don't know what made her change her mind, but I almost kissed her when she said that.

My cervix is plenty soft and opening, but technically not open enough to label open. It HAS moved down and forward, and Peanut's head is right behind it. (So he's down in the right position now.) She agrees with me that my cervix has made major changes and Peanut's come down well since last Monday. So that's encouraging.

Been having some painless and some very very mildly achey contractions tonight. Not laborish though.

Since B and Al were with me, Dr. Howey put on quite the sonogram show. We saw our lil guys face and hands, his umbilical cord and a foot and a very very close up shot of his boy bits, which she printed and handed to Al. She's a hoot, that Dr. Howey. There's more funny stuff, but not related to the exam, so I'm saving it for FriedOkra in the morning.

Night all.


Rebekah said...

That is neat that the whole family got in on the sonogram

Lora Lynn said...

Sounds like you're getting really close. And what a fun visit!

Mari said...

She sounds like a great Dr. Glad it was a good appt!

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