Sunday, November 25, 2007

brace yourself


I don't know if anyone reads this diary anymore. Well, I mean, nobody reads it currently because I haven't updated it in awhile, obviously, but I don't know if any of you have this one on your buddy list still. If you do, wow, are you in for a big surprise.

Like I was. Just a minute ago. When, after feeling weird and just different for a few days, I randomly took a pregnancy test and, well.

Two Pink Lines. The second is very faint, but it's there alright. I have sorta suspected this was coming for over a week now. My body just knows when it's pregnant.

We weren't trying. But remember I've said before if God decided He wanted us to have another little baby and I got pregnant despite my efforts to thwart such a thing, I'd be overjoyed and know it was His plan? Well, here we have it! Though the overjoyedness hasn't quite happened yet, I feel confident that it will.

I will post more here later. And, as long as everything goes well over the next few weeks, move this all over to Mamabean and - OHMYGOSH I can't believe I'm saying this - start documenting another pregnancy, birth, and babyhood.

Jiminy Cricket. I'm pregnant.

And really, really shocked and scared.

And, edited hours later to add, I have Alex's tummy bug, so I've been up all night vomiting and worrying.

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