Thursday, November 29, 2007

many things of varying degrees of consequence

I noticed a few days ago that I've been really thirsty lately. It was before the virus hit, so not related to the dehydration that would have caused. I feel thirsty almost constantly, but then I don't ever get around to drinking very often. I don't think I'm drinking like WAY less than I should be, it's just I feel thirsty. I was parched while I was pregnant with Bean, too, but dehydration was never an issue.

And I woke up SO HUNGRY at 2:00 AM this morning. SO HUNGRY. My head hurt and I felt completely hollow and achey and cavernous inside. And, because I didn't want to risk waking anyone else up, I just tried to ignore it and fall back to sleep. And didn't. For way too long. I think I only got a little less than 5 hours' sleep last night. Not good. But I'm not tired today.

I'm taking a banana upstairs and putting it in the bathroom tonight. That's not going to happen ever again!

Al and I talked about baby names last night. Boy names are TOUGH. He really isn't wild about the two top names I like for a boy.

He thinks the baby is a girl, anyway. He has been right about EVERY baby born to every person we've even remotely known since I met him. He was right about Bean from day one. So. We'll see. He loves Kathryn for a girl, shortened to Katie. I have to admit I love that name too. Kathryn, or Catherine, Rose. Pretty name.

Too soon to decide for sure though.

Oh, he likes Max for a boy.

All I can think of when he says that is "maxi pads." I don't want my kid to ever be called such a thing.

We also both like Gabriel, but Al's a little bit more southern than I am and he pronounces it "Gaybrul" which I can't stand. I can imagine that hearing your baby-daddy mispronounce his own kid's name could get a little tiresome after awhile. So that's a big no.

We stayed busy today, the Bean and me. We had to go to a last minute pow-pow at a neighbor's house this morning that we didn't find out about until 20 minutes beforehand and when we did find out we were both all unshowered and rumpled and in our pajamas, putting up Christmas decorations. You've never seen two ladies get clean, dressed and ready to go faster than us. It was like a cartoon. We made it though, only about 8 minutes late. And Bean even watched a few minutes of Sesame Street while I was in the shower.

I'm worried about clothes. I got rid of all my in-between clothes from last pregnancy. I mean the larger sized regular clothes. I think I have a pair of black pants I might can wear through the transition. (I wore them throughout Bean's pregnancy - they were my favorites.) And maybe since my jeans are lower rise they'll last awhile. As long as my butt doesn't get huge quickly. But that's pretty much it. I don't like wearing sweats or drawstringy casual pants out and about. I don't think it's BAD to do, it just isn't my particular style. Maybe I'll go look at Goodwill or something for some size 8s to get me through most of the winter. Then in the spring and summer I'll have my maternity things. Obviously they'll need a slight update here and there, but most of the pieces I have are kinda classic.

I went into the basement to get my Pregnancy Week by Week book today and found some of my old maternity and nursing bras. They're so HUGE. I almost screamed when I looked at them. I can't BELIEVE these little things are going to be that BIG again. How did they DO that? Bizarre. I swear I called myself "Jugs" (inside my own head of course!) though the entire second and third trimester last time. Why did those things not make enough milk? What were they DOING in there, if not filling up with milk.

Speaking of which, I had AWFUL, nightmarish engorgement when my milk came in with Bean. I DO NOT EVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE THAT KINDOF PAIN AGAIN. It was truly worse than labor. Should I buy or rent a hospital grade pump to get me through it? Did y'all have that problem, can you remember?

And I was so hot. SO HOT. After I delivered. For weeks! Why does that happen?

Okay I feel a bath coming on. I AM actually starting to feel a little sleepy now, finally.

Ow, pain in the lower left pelvis.

Hello little person! Whatcha doin' in there?

Thanks y'all. You are literally saving my little life right now.

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