Wednesday, December 12, 2007

5 weeks, 5 days - first ligament-ish pains

Another great breastfeeding link: (Thanks Jemma!)

I really also just popped on to say that last night I began having the exact same unilateral (on the left side, just like last time, also the side with the corpus luteum last time, by the way, I wonder if they're connected somehow?) stabbing pains in my pelvis that I remember from exactly NOW in my pregnancy with Bean. I was having them the day I had my first ultrasound which was at 6 weeks to the day by my calculations, and I think I'd had them about 2 or 3 days prior to that scan. I actually went to the doctor BECAUSE of those pains, convinced it was an ectopic pregnancy and in dire need of some sort of reassurance. And that doctor was completely unhelpful in explaining the pains and made virtually no effort to comfort me or even lighten the mood. (Oh I am so happy wasn't the one to attend Bean's birth! ARGH!) She almost seemed irritated at me for having the nerve to be pregnant. It was an awful first appointment. Anyway. But the sonogram, which was a few days later, with a very nice technician, was wonderful and I remember so vividly seeing Bean's tiny little flickering heartbeat on the monitor and just weeping with joy. She was so beautiful to me, even when she was no bigger than a little rice grain.

But I'm having those exact same pains now and I know they're just normal for me. Normal and a GOOD sign!

Bean has a miserable cold right now. I mean, the cold is miserable, but she isn't. She just acts like her normal self except she's constantly needing a tissue. She only got on once in the night last night and that was just for 5 minutes or so. I didn't even have to read her a book or anything. And other than that, I had a pretty good sleep. I woke up at 12:45, 3:45 (with Bean) and 5:45, but was able to fall back to sleep very quickly. I ate half an apple and a banana (oh yeah, and two pickles, hee hee!) before bed last night, testing my theory of sleeping better if I try to get "full" just before lying down and it worked! So I'll keep doing that, but only with fruit.

I'm a little nervous I'm going to catch Bean's cold. Just in time for these two parties and all the holiday stuff I still have ahead of me. I hope I can avoid it, but you know, no matter how often you wash your hands, you cannot avoid the snotty mouth-kiss when you least expect it. I got two yesterday and I KNOW I got snot in my mouth. (UGH.) So unless my immune system's really strong right now, I may be doomed. OH WELL.

It's weird to write in here, although I love it. I'm so used to more officially "blogging" now, so my blathering diary style seems a bit rambling and mundane comparatively speaking. But I'll do it anyway, because I know it will be valuable to me now as an outlet and later as a way to remember a very special time in the life of my Peanut.


Jenn said...

I absolutely love your "blathering diary style"! ;) Hooray for normal good signs! Everything is going to work out just fine. I'm so glad you got a good night's sleep! Aislyn has the rotavirus, she was up and throwing up on me half the night. Fun fun. Hopefully you can avoid Bean's cold. ♥

Leigh said...

I love your writing style as well!! And I am glad that you are having normal pregnancy signs. And a decent night's sleep. I hope that Bean gets better soon and that you manage to avoid the cold yourself!

kristen said...

I like the more casual style too. How far along were you before you went public?

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