Tuesday, December 18, 2007

6 weeks, 4 days - it's a crapshoot, apparently.

So today is the worst day so far with nausea and tiredness and can't-breathing-ness and feeling-like-I-might-pass-outness. Fun times! Apparently yesterday's rally was a flukey thing and it wasn't the rest so much as it's just the body decides when and how to surge out the hormones and today it's squirting them out full blast like the snot out of Bean's nose, (which is not helping matters by the way.) I know this is a BIG growth week for Peanut, as he/she goes from being like a little pencil eraser to more of a pinto bean. This is the week Bean got her nickname when I was pregnant with her, come to think of it! Peanut won't be the size of a peanut for awhile though, yet. Yet, though. Whatever.

I didn't feel like this so much that time, though. Or maybe I did. I wish I'd started my diary this early with Bean. That would be very helpful right now!

I bought a new maternity top at Target today. It's cute. Pink. With polka dots. It looks huge to me and it's a small but I bet it'll be too small when I have a belly. We'll see.

I just have to make the food (ugh) and do a very little light cleaning today to get ready for the cookie exchange. Someone PLEASE tell me what on earth made me volunteer to host this thing 3 days after another party? When I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy? At 40?

Yes, I know.

"Because you are crazy, Megan. Which WE all knew years ago, but apparently YOU are still not in touch with."


It is good to have friends who are willing to lay it on the line with me, you know?

Maybe I'll be back later today, or maybe I will instead be lying prone on my kitchen floor with a 32 oz. block of Velveeta in one hand and barf bucket in the other.

We shall just have to wait and see.


Jenn said...

I had virtually NO "symptoms" (how I hate that word!!) in my pregnancy with Riley unless I smelled oranges or ate anything with peanutbutter. But with Aislyn I was sick from day one. I thought I had the flu and Kent said, "Noo... I think you're pregnant." And I said, "Noo... I'm pretty sure it's the flu." And then it went away for a couple days and I was like, "Aaah, see? I told you!" And the next day I was reaaaally sick again so I took a pregnancy test. And whaddya know! Haha. Anyway, I don't know why I rambled all that. I guess just to let you know that you aren't alone! I have been there and those early months are killer! I hope you don't have any more parties planned after the cookie exchange. And I hope Al gets some vacation time soon so you can lie in for a week or so. Wouldn't that be great? ;)

You know if I lived closer I would be more than happy to help you out. *hugs*

Leigh said...

Oh you poor thing. So far, I have been feeling fine, although very tired and the gym workouts are a bit harder than normal. I am crossing my fingers that I don't get morning sickness. I can count on one hand the number of times I was sick when I was pregnant with Emily, and I am trying to think positively and tell myself that this pregnancy will be the same. I am really hoping that that works!! I hope your cookie exchange goes well. How much more do you have to do, social-engagement-wise before you can relax?

Marie said...

My guess is that you are stessed about all of your parties and even the news of being pregnant. There are good stresses and bad stresses, mind you, but they are stresses! I was green with Reece for the first 3 months, but I was working (and pregnant for the first time!).

I thought that I would have had morning sickness with the twins, 'cause let me tell you, when you hear the following at your fist sonogram - there's gonna be stress:

"Oh look, y'all did good this time, there's two in there!!!"

Gulp. But thankfully I wasn't sick with them. Just hang in there and keep snacking on good things to keep something on your tummy (I liked dried fruit and crackers with Reece) and keep yourself hydrated, too!



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