Saturday, December 1, 2007

and so...

I want to ask y'all something in all honesty, okay? I NEED your honest answers because they WILL make the difference in my decision-making here.

I *whispers* do not care much for the mechanics of Diaryland now that I've ventured forth into the world of Blogger. Blogger is easier, it's faster, it's more fun, it's more reliable AND it doesn't lose entries when I do stupid things because it autosaves every time I hit a key.

I would LIKE to host Peanut's(?) pregnancy diary on Blogger. But I do NOT want to do Peanut's pregnancy diary somewhere you won't come on a regular basis to read and comment. I can still make the diary private on Blogger and I think I can even coerce Jenn to help me do what she's done with HER Diaryland diary, so it reflects updates and leads you to the Blogger one.

If I did that, would y'all come with me? Or would it be too much of a hassle?

Do any of you have Bloglines, Feedburner or Google Readers? If you don't, you might consider trying one of them out if you read any other blogs besides the ones here on Diaryland. They are SO GREAT. They're exactly like your buddy list here at Diaryland EXCEPT they accomodate all blogs (and newsfeeds and a million other updated online media) in one place, so you can one stop shop the items you read on a daily basis (or whatever.)

So answer that one question for me (or were there two?) and I'll decide what to do.


And I'll get to have a ticker again.

Al has the bug as of last night. Poor guy dealt with two sick women at the beginning of the week, worked 5 days and came home for a nice relaxing weekend only to end up 5 hours into his relaxing weekend with his head in the potty. And he? Is pathetic. It is so sad.

We had been looking at the weather report all week long and planning to go get our Christmas tree today and have it home and in its stand by the time the SNOW starts around 3 PM, but I am guessing that's not going to happen afterall.

Next year at Christmas, I'll have a four month old and a 4 year old. Jiminy Cricket. We were thinking of going to London next year around Christmas like we did in 2003. Guess we'll do it in 2011 or so.

Okay Bean is ready for her breakfast now!

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