Friday, December 21, 2007

7 weeks! 7 weeks! morning sickness irony

Yes, the irony of this nausea is that it's going to result in my actually GAINING weight.

I haven't actually thrown up yet, you see.

But there are only certain things I can stand to eat (until way late in the day, and even then, I'm careful) and ALL of those things, except oranges and shoepeg corn, are calorie-laden, high-fat, low nutritional value foods.

Take yesterday's breakfast, for example. I choked down a banana. GOOD JOB. Then I got REALLY STARVING (but still nauseous!) and all I could eat were corn chips dipped in queso dip.

Today, I'm having Tater Tots.

By lunch time, I feel COMPELLED TO EAT SOMETHING DECENT. Yesterday Bean and I went to the diner and I had a Greek salad with a chicken breast on top. It took me about 90 minutes to choke it down, though. My throat would just CLOSE while I was chewing, and then I'd have to wait for that wave of nausea to pass before I could swallow and start on the next bite. What made matters worse was that I'd ordered the salad WITHOUT ANCHOVIES, which to me means, NO ANCHOVIES AT ALL ANYWHERE, but to them means "get out a Greek salad from the fridge and pick the anchovies off."

It had traces of anchovy juice on some of the lettuce.

This made for some EXTRA moments of throat closing. And gagging. I should have sent it back but I just would have felt picky or rude or something. I know. I know.


Nothing smells "right," and EVERYTHING smells STRONG. And it's overwhelming at times.

I sleep with my hands all balled up in fists, and when I wake up in the morning, I can't stand to let them get anywhere near my face until I've washed them. BECAUSE THEY STINK! LIKE FEET! MY HANDS! How is that even possible?

Al says he can't even smell anything. But I can smell them immediately as I remove them from under the covers and UGH. It's just so disgusting!

I bought Al some cologne, his normal cologne, Safari by Ralph Lauren, which he's worn forever, for our anniversary. He'd been out of it for awhile. He put some on the next morning and the WHOLE HOUSE smelled eye-wateringly Safari-esque all day long. He isn't wearing it anymore. Maybe in a few weeks?

I've been taking Vitamin B6 daily since Tuesday. I THINK it might be helping the nausea a tiny little bit. The morning sickness is now more true morning sickness, in that it's here mostly in the morning and then fades some as the day progresses. By mid-afternoon I don't really feel nauseous anymore but have burning, painful heartburn in my entire abdomen. It feels a lot like hunger, actually, which tricks my brain into thinking it should eat, so I nibble and snack but that doesn't help. I take antacids and they last a little while each.

I'm also still taking my GERD medicine, which usually combats the nausea and heartburn I have routinely from the GERD, but with the pregnancy I need about TWICE as much of that medicine to stave it off, and it scares me to take that much. I'll talk to my doctor in January about it and hopefully find some solution.

I'm finally getting some decent sleep. I still wake up several times nightly to go to the bathroom and such, but am able, mostly, to get back to sleep quickly.

I'm still wickedly thirsty all the time. And have a funny taste in my mouth almost constantly. The only thing that helps that is Coke. I remember that from Bean. Coke somehow clears that taste away for an hour or two. Plus, it's just YUMMY! (I drink the caffeine free version, although it's sweetened with sugar so I am trying hard to limit myself to one small glass a day - I really don't need any sugar right now!)

Al will be home for the next FIVE days, so I should get some rest and relaxation for some of those days. There's still a lot to be done, but having him home will guarantee some naps and some just resting time that I don't get when I've got Bean on my own.

Tater tots are done. Time to go choke them down!


Jenn said...

I was that way during my pregnancy with Aislyn. I am really sympathizing with you right now! Only I was actually throwing up so you're one up on me there! I hope that the rest of the first trimester passes quickly and the morning sickness subsides. That is no way to live!!

And YAY! I'm so glad Al has 5 whole days off to spend with you all. ♥

Melissa said...

Me, too. Me, too. Me, too! For me the funny taste passed after about 9 or 10 weeks...but I've still got THE NOSE at 18 weeks. Ugh! Yesterday I "lost my lunch" before it even finished in the microwave because of the stank.
Honestly. I don't know how some women say they didn't know they were pregnant! :o)
Hope it ends soon!

Anonymous said...

7 weeks! Yay for 7 weeks!! My hope and prayer is that all this nausea will cease by 12 weeks at the latest. That time will FLY by for me, but for you - it will drag on and on and on.....Oh nausea sucks! I am SO reliving carrying Ava that first trimester. Woe on that poor mama. :-(

alice said...

Yay, an update!! :)

Your morning sickness sounds soooo exactly like mine all 3 times. Although, mine didn't get too awful in the morning for one or two of my pregnancies (beginning to blur as to which ones now!) - for me it kicked in somewhere during the morning and then got progressively worse till the peak zone from 4.30pm till bedtime. Then the nausea was as you describe, JUST OVERWHELMING. But I never threw up, like you are finding.

I tried all sorts over the first two pregnancies, I think (definitely tried a few things with Arthur's), but the ONLY thing that did anything to help me was to keep on eating. I could not let an hour go by without eating something - sometimes it was bad bad news to let 15 minutes go by. I don't think you'll gain weight. It's good to nibble constantly on whatever you can manage, never mind what foods those are, even if they're really not nutritious.

Just ride it as best you can. I really feel for you! I know just what it feels like, and it's yucko. I'm excited that you're 7 weeks already, and hoping that the weeks march by quickly till you're nausea free again.

I am personally wondering if Peanut is a boy, especially with the morning sickness being all different from last time - not that it means a different gender, but your morning sickness is just so exactly like mine (and Jemma's! Though, Jemma threw up too. But she had none with Jaya, only with Jove), and well, you know I only make boys! ;) I'm excited to find out further down the line!!

Leigh said...

Oh you poor poor thing, that sounds so miserable! I really hope that the morning sickness passes soon. And I am glad that you are getting better sleep. And yay for having Al home for 5 days! You can (hopefully) take some time for yourself and really relax.

I am just still so excited that we are having babies together. Its funny to think we could end up delivering at the same time seeing as I am only a week behind you!!

Jemma said...

Urgh I really feel for you with this. As Alice said it's just like I had with Jove only Iactually threw up too. I'm crossing everything for you that doesn't happen. For me the wrost was always clearing away old food. In fact even plates that I'd literally just carried out to to kitchen ater lunch smelt lke dead old food to me!
My friend had it like you, that the only way to combat the nausea was to eat constantly throughout the day! Don't panic about any weight gain though, it'll all dissapper as you breastfeed, which of course you WILL be able to :)
Hugs and a Merry Christmas. I won't be able to get online much for a couple of weeks so a Happy New Year too!

cure to morning sickness said...

I remember the days of my pregnancy and it was really horrible. Yes, I am excited to be with my baby but the stages of pregnancy wasn't easy. Morning sickness is really hard to cope considering the fact that other women are leading to abortion as they can't manage this kind of sickness.

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